Geoenergy based heating and cooling

Our solutions

Sometimes all you need is right in front of you – or simply in the ground on which you stand. Our tailored solutions for large properties are developed with geoenergy as a foundation. In addition, we always explore the property’s own features and surroundings, to create a heating and cooling solution that is as cost efficient and sustainable as possible.

Benefits of tailored solutions based on geoenergy

Sustainable and carbon neutral heating and cooling

Competitive energy costs when combining heating and cooling

Improved energy efficiency with heat recovery

Choosing the right technology

In some cases, one size does fit all. In some cases, it doesn’t. When we tailor solutions for industries and large properties – like we do within our Energy as a service® partnership model – we always need to think outside the box.

The customer’s process and goals are what’s guiding us, not the technology we have at hand. We don’t favor one technology before the other. We have long experience and solid expertise within several technology areas, but we always stay curious and never hesitate to try new ways that make our customers prepared for their next step.

The different components making up our solutions

Drilling for renewable geoenergy

Geothermal energy, or “geoenergy”, is solar energy stored in the soil and can be extracted from the bedrock or from the surface of the soil. Using heat pump technology, the energy stored in the bedrock can be efficiently utilized both to heating and cooling, depending on the time of the year. Geo wells are drilled into the bedrock, which operates like a battery: the heat stored in it during the summer can be used during the heating season. The electricity needed for production can be generated using green electricity at a predictable price.

Improving energy efficiency with heat pump technology

Our hybrid energy solutions combine for instance geoenergy, heat pumps, solar energy and recovery of different forms of excess heat. This way, we can together with our customers reach a renewable and highly efficient energy solution. Our solutions often utilise heat pump technology to capture unexpected opportunities. Condensate heat can be recycled instead of releasing it into the air. Thermal energy can be extracted using water source heat pumps immersed in the nearby lake or river. Using the property’s waste waters or the condensate heat from cold production can also be our way to energy efficiency.

Solar energy

Taking advantage of solar energy is one path to increase energy self-sufficiency even further. As an addition to our solutions, installing solar panels typically enable lower energy costs, as the green electricity can be utilized both in the actual energy production and as well as elsewhere in the property. Solar panels can be mounted on different type of roofs. We always design the solution considering the customer’s needs and the possibilities of the property.

Timo Koljonen

VP, Real Estate Solutions

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