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The energy transition is, and continues to be, essential for the world. Working with energy and industrial water puts us at Adven in the driver’s seat. Luckily, we are travelling with the best. Teaming up with our customers, partners and each other, we continuously deliver and develop reliable, sustainable, efficient and competitive solutions. We are part of the solution.

At Adven you get to work with the best teams and people. We are passionate about continuous improvement and together we deliver outstanding results with great drive and energy. Inclusive and diverse teams enable us to capture the diversity of perspectives when solving the challenges we face. When we grow, you grow and develop with us.

With knowledge at the forefront, we are making difference in a world of change. Determined, forward looking and convinced that we are great on our own. Together we are even better.

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Open positions

I fell in love with water treatment processes at a young age, and now I help Adven’s customers get the best water treatment solutions to the benefit of the environment.

Angela Eslava
Concept Engineer at Adven
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In addition to the general development of the energy plants, I am responsible for practically everything that happens between when the fuel enters the plant and finally leaves the chimney as smoke or steam.

Janne Lappalainen
Technical Expert at Adven

I have had diverse tasks that helped me to get a good understanding of the energy production processes and practices. For me, my studies have been useful in this job, and vice versa, the job will help in my studies.

Fredrik Kuokkanen
Summer Trainee at Adven, summer 2021

Adven & Students

We are always looking for the brightest minds to join us! Adven offers great opportunities for growth and career development for students and recent graduates who come with fresh perspectives and are passionate about creating sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow. Through thesis projects, internships or summer jobs you get to know us, demonstrate your competence and create valuable contacts. This all serves as a great starting point for your future career at Adven.

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