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Who we are

At Adven, we are driven by a purpose to create advantage in energy for business, people and planet. We strive to be part of the solution to climate change and believe we can make a difference with every sustainable energy solution that we find, build and run together with our customers.

Adven – Advantage in Energy.

Adven is the leading provider of energy and water services across Northern Europe. For industries Adven produces industrial steam, heat and cold as well as provides utility and processing solutions to improve energy, water and material efficiency. For real estate segment Adven produces heating and cooling based on district heating or property-specific solutions applying for instance bio- and geoenergy. Our Energy as a Service® model is based on full service and long-term partnership.

Adven/Värmevärden Group

Adven/Värmevärden is a new energy group whose common journey towards becoming the leading actor within sustainable energy solutions started during 2020. Together our 580+ employees supply sustainable district heating and geoenergy to the real estate sector as well as steam, heating, cooling, and related infrastructure solutions to industries. With more than 50 years of experience within the energy sector the group today operates around 350 sites in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Meet our people

Adven aims to be the best in the world in providing sustainable Energy as a Service and the only way to achieve our target is with the best people. We are proud of our diverse team of operations and maintenance professionals, innovative engineers, functional specialists and visionary leaders, who work together as a team to provide tomorrow’s energy solutions to our customers.

Whether you are an experienced professional, fresh graduate or a student, Adven offers plenty of opportunities for growth and career development. We are constantly looking for experienced professionals in e.g. sales and concept development, project management and site operations, as well as future talents to grow with the company.

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Our culture

We are driven by purpose

We have been developing our offering for industries and real estate for almost 40 years. While transitioning from the supply of fuel oil-based energy to today’s sustainable energy, we aim to minimize the use of fossils, and thereby reduce the environmental impact of our operations and maximize sustainability. We are proud of our journey and driven by our purpose. We strive to be part of the solution to climate change and believe we can make a difference with every sustainable energy solution that we find, build and run together with our customers.

Adven people are at the core of realizing our purpose. We are clear in expectations, welcome fresh ideas and empower our employees to make a difference. Our employees have a voice and we listen to ensure they have what they need for high performance. We are proud of our passionate employees who deliver the superior customer experience with great energy and drive.

Care for our people

Safety at work is our priority. We aim for zero work related injuries and a world class safety culture. We take necessary actions and provide regular trainings to ensure health, safety and wellbeing for our employees and our partners. We work in modern facilities and to support the work-life balance of our employees we offer a variety of flexible working options whenever possible.

We are committed to fair and equal treatment of our employees. We respect and welcome people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to contribute to creating and delivering the best sustainable solutions to our customers.

Building success together

Adven is a growing company and we want our people to grow with us. Every employee is an investment to the company – one, whose value we intend to grow. In order to serve our customers, the best possible way, we need to ensure that our expertise is constantly developed and kept up to date.

At Adven you won’t stand still. We enable personal growth and competence development by setting ambitious targets and providing constant feedback and coaching to ensure continuous improvement. We offer every employee with a wide range of Adven Academy trainings, on the job learning and internal knowledge sharing as well as career development opportunities through internal job rotation. Personal development goals and needs, and career development aspirations are discussed in regular performance and development dialogues.

Why join us?

Adven is an international, growing company that aims to be the best in the world in their field

With us you will have the opportunity to find, build, run and develop sustainable energy and water solutions together with our customers

You will have a voice, you can influence your own work, and you are empowered to make a difference and deliver the superior customer experience.

You will work in an environment that strives for continuous improvement and encourages people to develop and learn from each other

You will be contributing to a greater good: the work you do today will save the planet tomorrow

With us, you won’t stand still. Adven is growing and you are growing with it


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