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Many municipal energy companies and utility asset owners are currently looking into ways to develop their district heating services to meet the needs of local businesses and residents. Companies struggle with the pressure of increasing fuel prices, operating aging energy assets as well as the demand by the society for greener energy production.

Adven is an Energy group that through cooperation and joint ownership wants to strengthen the local district heating companies. We are currently active in more than 100 district heating networks in Europe, either as a sole owner or as a co-owner with the municipality, and expect to continue to grow.

In this way, we build a network of local heating plants to be able to develop together and compete with the market’s demands for sustainability and price levels.


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The industry has coped well with the environmental transition, both large and small companies, but the competition for fuel is tougher than ever. At the same time, competition for customers from other types of energy is increasing. In order to keep up with developments and remain profitable, you need to be bigger than many district heating companies are.

Anders Ericsson
CEO Adven Group

The advantages in cooperating with Adven

Utility asset owners, like municipalities, that partner up in their energy production have more opportunities to influence their energy production and the cost of it, through various cooperation models that may vary from wholesale and joint ventures up to full-scale partnership with reliable energy production, continuous asset management with investments as well as customer service.

Many politicians see the advantages of selling the municipally owned district heating company. We are a sustainable and long-term alternative, and every joint venture is a proof of our ability to collaborate.

Anders Ericsson
CEO Adven Group

Advantages of municipal cooperation

Reliable energy supply

Reliability of energy supply is important for municipalities and utility asset owners. Security of supply is our highest priority and through continuous remote monitoring and a wide network of energy specialists across the countries the processes are kept flowing. Underlying cost benefits arise from fuel procurement in higher volumes and in many cases utilization of excess heat from local industries.

Sustainable energy

We have a high focus on sustainable operations, where the use of biomass, recycled wood, waste and residual heat from industries are the most important energy sources for our business. In Sweden for example, over 95 percent of our district heating is produced by renewable and recycled energy sources. However, our ambition is replace the usage of fossil fuels in our district heating production in Sweden and Finland, at the end of 2030.

Continuous developments

When a municipality, or asset owner, assigns its energy production to us it means that the money that they have tied up in energy infrastructure is re-allocated and can be used in other investment needs. In addition, we assume the overall responsibility for the energy production: the required investments, the environment, emissions, operation and maintenance, energy efficiency and, of course, operational reliability and possible risks.

As long-term owners, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with regards to ensuring the longevity of the assets that we own, benefiting the communities which we serve. We also have a strong track record of partnering with local municipalities and our transparent approach to long-term ownership stands out as a proven advantage.

Jonas Sjölander
SVP Mergers & Acquisitions Adven Group

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