District heating

Sustainable district heating for housing and premises

Reliable and efficient solutions

365 days a year we make sure that our customers, living in housing or working in premises in our over 100 district heating networks, are warmed by locally produced heat. By primarily producing district heating from renewable and recycled energy sources, we utilize energy that would otherwise go to waste.

Many of our district heating networks are integrated with local industries when collaboration enables us to utilize residual products and waste heat from the customer’s production processes to create heating for the residents and companies in the localities.

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Customer benefits of district heating


Our district heating is as reliable as it is sustainable. Year after year, regardless of season or weather, the heat is always there, and the hot water never runs out. Should an unplanned interruption occur despite this, we will work as quickly as we can so that our customers get their heat back.


The technical equipment in the customer’s building will hold for many years, up to almost 40 years in some cases. In addition to that it requires minimal maintenance and service from the customer.


Connecting to district heating is an investment with a long life. Since our heating plants are flexible and can use different fuels, depending on price and availability, the price level will remain attractive in relation to other forms of heating.

Contributing to EU and national carbon reduction targets

Let’s take Sweden as an example. Thanks to district heating, Sweden has succeeded in reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. Through the sector’s transition to renewable fuels, more efficient energy use, cogeneration, recovery of waste heat and heat from waste incineration, the entire country’s total emissions have been reduced by a fifth in two decades. Thereby contributing to EU and national carbon reduction targets.

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