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Terms and conditions of use of the Adven Group’s website

By accessing this website, you commit to complying with these terms and conditions of use. If you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, please do not use this website. These terms and conditions apply to the websites of the Adven Group and the companies belonging to it (hereinafter “Adven”). Adven’s website may also contain special service-specific terms and conditions, in which case these terms and conditions apply on a secondary basis.

Use of the website

The primary website service provider is Adven. Address: Karhumäenkuja 2, FI-01530 Vantaa, Finland Tel. +358 (0)10 344 5000.

Adven grants the right to view and download materials contained on this website only for personal and non-commercial purposes, provided that the user retains all of the copyright information and other ownership information of the original material in all of the copies that he or she takes of the materials. The material contained on this website may not be edited in any way, be copied or publicly shown, presented or shared or otherwise used for a public or commercial purpose without Adven’s prior written consent. It is prohibited to use the material contained on this website for any purpose on other websites or in a computer environment connected to a network.

The rights, including copyright, to the material contained on this website belong to the Adven Group. The Adven name and logo are protected symbols and trademarks of the Adven Group. Adven’s logo may not be used without Adven’s consent.

Press releases, agreement terms and conditions and other documents intended for public release may be used for public communication purposes, provided that the source is mentioned whenever such information is used.

Adven has the right, at any given time and for any reason, without prior notice, to change the website’s terms and conditions of use, design, content, availability and the services provided through the website or other website properties or to discontinue the service. Adven has the right to interrupt the provision of the service for the duration of maintenance and updating operations.


Adven is not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use of or the inability to use this website or these electronic services or any loss or damage related to these. Adven does not guarantee that the website will operate without interruptions or flawlessly. The electronic information published on Adven’s website is provided for information purposes only and is not binding, unless separately and expressly agreed otherwise.

Adven is not responsible for material produced or published by a third party to which this website may provide a link.

The user is responsible for the accuracy and arrival of the data provided through the website. The user epresents and warrants that he or she does not send any illegal or inappropriate material to this website. The user shall use all reasonable means to ensure that the material sent does not contain viruses or is not otherwise harmful.

The confidentiality of email messages sent in an open data network cannot be guaranteed.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions and any disputes arising from Adven’s website or its content are governed by the Finnish law. Any disputes shall be settled in Helsinki District Court.

Personal data

Adven is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. Adven wants you to be confident that we process information about you in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, including EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Under GDPR, you have the right to receive certain information when we process personal data about you e.g. what kind of data we process, the purpose and legal ground of the processing, security measures taken and where we share your data with third parties. You should also be informed of your rights and how to proceed in case you wish to exercise them. You will find detailed information about Adven’s data processing in our Privacy Notices which we periodically update.


How does Adven use cookies and for what purposes?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the websites you visit and allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over time. Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like.

Adven utilizes cookies and other tracking technologies to make our service more user-friendly and to provide enhanced and customized features during your visits to our website and products.

How to control cookies

We are using Cookiebot. Cookiebot is a GDPR/CCPA compliant cloud-driven cookie consent and control solution that automatically controls cookies and trackers on Adven’s website. You can accept, change your consent, or deny the use of cookies at any time when visiting the website. The Cookiebot banner appears on your screen when you visit the site for the first time. Afterwards, you can find the banner by clicking on the blue safety pin appearing on the left lower corner of the website.

You can erase your web browser’s cookie cache through the web browser settings. Please go to the settings of your browser or device to learn more how to adjust cookies settings. For example, you may block all cookies, only accept first-party cookies or delete cookies when you close your browser.

Erasing a cookie will delete the unique identifier stored inside the browser cache along with the web usage profile attached thereto. Erasing cookie cache will not prevent the storage of new cookies in the future. Please note that if you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive features of Adven’s websites.

How to block cookies in different browsers

The web browser will only allow cookies to be saved by the web service you are currently accessing. The option is accessible through the web browser’s settings (which option will prevent all third-party cookies from functioning).

Google Chrome
– Change cookie settings by clicking “Settings” and “Privacy”.

Internet Explorer
– You can find the cookie settings under “Tools”, “Internet options”, “Privacy”, where you can set the slider to “Block all cookies”.

– The settings can be found under “Tools”, “Settings” and “Privacy”.

– To access the cookie settings, click on “Settings” and “Privacy”.

Third Party Cookies

Adven website you have viewed by placing a cookie on your web browser. Please note that such cookies do not in any way identify you or give access to your computer or mobile device. If you do not wish to receive ads from Adven you can opt out by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page. Visit Google ads settings page to change ad targeting and if you want to know more about the data collected by google visit their privacy and terms page.

Cookie namePurposeExpiration
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgressThis cookie is used to count how many times a website has been visited by different visitors – this is done by assigning the visitor an ID, so the visitor does not get registered twice.1 day
_hjFirstSeenThis cookie is used to determine if the visitor has visited the website before, or if it is a new visitor on the
1 day
_hjidSets a unique ID for the session. This allows the website to obtain data on visitor behaviour for statistical purposes.1 year
_hjIncludedInPageviewSampleUsed to detect whether the user navigation and interactions are included in the website’s data analytics1 day
_ga_<container-id>Used to persist session state.2 years
_gidGoogle analytics. Used to track user activity on the website.24 hours
_gaGoogle analytics. Used to track user activity on the website.2 years
_gatGoogle analytics. Used to throttle the request rate back to Google.1 day
_dc_gtmGoogle Tag Manager. These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use this site.10 min
_gac_Google analytics. Contains campaign related information for the user. Google Ads website conversion tags read this cookie.90 days
_lfaUsed in context with Account-Based-Marketing (ABM). The cookie registers data such as IP-addresses, tim e spent on the website and page requests for the visit. This is used for retargeting of multiple users rooting from the same IP-addresse s. ABM usually facilitates B2B marketing purposes.2 years
_lfa_expiryContains the expiry-date for the cookie with corresponding name.Persistent
ads/ga-audiencesUsed by Google AdWords to re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the visitor ‘s online behaviour across websites.Session
IDEUsed by Google DoubleClick to register and report the website user’s actions after viewing or clicking on e of the advertiser’s ads with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an ad and to present targeted ads to the user.1 year
test_cookieUsed to check if the user’s browser supports cookies.1 day
YouTubeStores the user’s video player preferences using embedded YouTube videoSeveral different cookies with different date of expiration.
__RequestVerificationTokenThis cookie is a security measure and helps protect the website from unauthorised data submissions.Expires automatically when you close your browser.
LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsWe use LinkedIn to measure the visibility of our job postings and advertisements on LinkedIn.Several different cookies with different date of expiration.
AlbacrossWe inform you regarding the processing of personal data on the behalf of Albacross Nordic AB (“Albacross”). Information collected from cookies set in your device that qualify as personal data will be processed by Albacross, a company offering lead identification and ad targeting services with offices in Stockholm and Krakow. Please see below for full contact details. The purpose for the processing of the personal data is that it enables Albacross to improve a service rendered to us and our website (e.g “Lead Generation” service), by adding data to their database about companies. The Albacross database will in addition to “Lead Generation” be used for targeted advertising purposes towards companies and for this purpose data will be transferred to third party data service providers. For the purpose of clarity, targeted advertising regards companies, not towards individuals. The data that is collected and used by Albacross to achieve this purpose is information about the IP-address from which you visited our website, and technical information that enables Albacross to tell apart different visitors from the same IP-address. Albacross stores the domain from form input in order to correlate the IP-address with your employer. For the full information about our processing of personal data, please see Albacross’ Privacy Policy. https://albacross.com/privacy-policy/
Delta ProjectsDelta Projects cookies are used to evaluate our digital marketing and provide our visitors with relevant advertisements, based on anonymized user-ID of the visiting web browser.18 months
__cfduidUsed by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic.30 days
CONSENTUsed to detect if the visitor has accepted the marketing category in the cookie banner. This cookie is
necessary for GDPR-compliance of the website.
6092 days