Real estate solutions

Tailor-made, sustainable, and cost-efficient heating and cooling for large properties

Adven has almost 20 years of experience in implementing tailor-made energy solutions for large properties.

We use tailor-made energy solutions for large properties. We partner up with large real estate customers, such as shopping centers, and office and logistics properties. Our solutions are mainly based on geoenergy, meaning geothermal heat and geothermal cold. The solutions can be combined with, for example, solar energy, water energy and excessive heat recovery.

In Finland and Sweden, we offer geoenergy solutions with our unique Energy as a Service® partnership model. Geoenergy-as-a-service ensures that you don’t have to be an expert in geothermal heating or cooling – we are. As our customer, we provide you with high-quality service as well as energy efficiency and stability for your business.

In Estonia, we offer hybrid energy solution for large properties. The hybrid energy solution involves both heating and cooling, using different energy sources to reach the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Learn more at

Our services contribute to the journey towards carbon neutrality, increase the value of the property and enable a more responsible customer experience for the end user.

New buildings and existing properties

We always research the conditions of the property, and its surroundings and create the most cost-effective and responsible heating and cooling solution for you. Our solutions can be tailored for both new (so-called greenfield solutions) and existing buildings.

In new construction projects, geothermal wells are usually drilled directly under the building. Wells in existing properties can be drilled, for example, under parking lots or in parking garages.

At Adven, we have experience in implementing geoenergy solutions also for protected sites and urban urban centers.

This geoenergy plant is the outcome of long-term work and a natural extension of our efforts to develop the sustainability of our operations. I am pleased that this will help us further reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, as well as offer an even more sustainable operating environment for consumers and our tenants.

Heli Järvelä
Shopping Centre Manager at Skanssi
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