Geoenergy-as-a-service to Citycon Lippulaiva

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The City of Espoo in Southern Finland aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030. One concrete step towards this goal is the construction of the Lippulaiva city centre in Espoonlahti, which will be almost completely self-sufficient in terms of energy supply and use. The centre has started using an energy service implemented by Adven that uses geoenergy.

The energy solution implemented at Citycon’s Lippulaiva city centre is considered one of the largest geoenergy sites in Europe in city centres or shopping centres. The centre uses carbon-free geoenergy for heating and cooling.

“Citycon is committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, and the decisions made at Lippulaiva on energy production and procurement support this goal in the best possible way. In particular, we are pleased that the chosen solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also economically competitive,” says Citycon’s Property Development Director Risto Seppo.

“The entire city centre will be completed in stages between 2022 and 2024. In addition to heating, customers and residents will also enjoy carbon-free cooling in summer. Thanks to geoenergy, cooling is sourced from bedrock and no separate electric water cooling machines or roof condensers are needed,” says Adven’s VP, Real Estate Energy Solutions Timo Koljonen.

From the beginning, the aim of the entire city centre including the shopping centre under construction, the residential buildings, local library and service buildings was to be a nearly NetZero building. There are 170 geoenergy wells beneath the centre, at depths of more than 300 metres. The geoenergy centre has already been commissioned, and heating and cooling from the bedrock are already used during the construction phase.

“Adven’s largest real estate geoenergy solution proceeded according to plan. We made thorough plans, and together with the customer, contractors and partners this significant project has now been completed through excellent collaboration,” Koljonen says.

Benefits for large properties through geoenergy

Large properties, such as shopping and logistics centres or office buildings, need a stable and energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. In addition, improving energy use and reducing CO2 emissions is currently the goal of every company.

“It is not always recognized that geoenergy is an excellent and sustainable energy solution that utilises locally produced energy. In addition, solar energy and waste heat recovery can often be combined with the system,” Koljonen says.

Adven wants to offer its customers solutions similar to those of Lippulaiva, which increase the value of the property, promote carbon neutrality and bring economic benefits. Adven has designed the geoenergy solution and is responsible, according to its energy as a service model, for investment, project management, operations, and development and 24/7 remote monitoring.

“Adven is a pioneer in geoenergy in large properties, and we are doing our part in combating climate change,” Koljonen says proudly.