Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries

Long-term partnerships in energy and water with chemical and pharmaceutical companies

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are consuming significant quantities of water and a stable energy production is essential. By doing a holistic analysis of the most energy-intensive processes, and implementing circular solutions based on the findings, we can support our customers in enabling major savings and improvements in environmental footprint.

At Adven, we have extensive knowledge of providing local processing services for the chemical industry, for example steam production from hydrogen and elemental sulfur combustion.

At Cytiva we work intensively and, in a goal-oriented way towards a reduced environmental impact from our products. This is an example of a project where we in cooperation with Adven could solve a problem in a way that brings value in terms of reduced energy usage for heating and thereby lower environmental impact.

Cecilia Sjöstedt
Site Leader & CEO at Cytiva in Uppsala

How we bring value

When you are in the need of high-quality steam production without any uninterrupted energy delivery, Adven has the solid expertise and long experience you are looking for. In addition, we provide services in water treatment and energy efficiency, as well as clever reuse of side streams. Our partnerships can bring significant cost savings as well as emission reductions. We can even help open doors to new business opportunities.

Completely residue free treated water

As water is used throughout the production process, for example in cooling, it’s important to have an efficient water treatment process in place, separating contaminants and medicine residues from the water. There is an immense potential in lowering the water footprint and take care of water conservation, as well as for reduce chemical consumption. We can help our customers lower costs and their water footprint, for example by implementing closed water cycles and solutions for water recirculation.

Efficient energy production ensures seamless business continuity

Service quality is the key in developing and operating energy solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The industry requires large quantities of steam every day and uninterrupted energy delivery is paramount for continuous and high-quality chemicals and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our Energy as a service® model ensures a predictable cashflow and an efficient use of capital. We can also support our customers in recovery of waste heat, which can bring major cost savings and reduces the need for energy.

Energy efficient solvent and VOC recovery and reuse

Side streams such as methanol, ethanol, acetates, and other solvents, can be recovered and reused efficiently. More modern recovery solutions, such as MVR evaporation, can significantly decrease the use of steam compared to traditional distillation methods. VOC emissions are another common side stream that can be recovered. There are also different odorous gases that need to be burned and treated. Side stream recovery does not only generate cost savings and result in additional revenue opportunities and receives a better return on capital employed (ROCE). This kind of circular solutions also supports sustainable development and reduces emissions.

Teemu Helistekangas

Industry Lead, Chemical & Process Industry

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