Energy efficiency

Industrial energy efficiency increases competitiveness

A more efficient use of energy benefits both the climate and the company financials. So, before we build new energy production capacity, we always make sure our customers are making the most out of the energy they already have.

Doing so can both improve energy and cost efficiency per product and sometimes open new doors to increased production capacity – without making unnecessary investments into new infrastructure. By focusing on energy recovery and reutilization, we make it happen.

Our services

Helping you use what’s in front of you

Sometimes you are simply too close to home. Businesses in general, and industries in particular, often generate different streams of excess heat that they are not aware of or don’t have the capability to make use out of. We help our customers choose the right technology to capture the excess heat from a cooling process, wastewater, flue gases and sometimes ventilation air. As an energy partner our goal is to make our customers more competitive, and this is a natural step to achieve that.

Energy efficient technologies and clever solutions

When it comes to industrial energy use even the smallest details matter. By introducing new but proven technologies to our customers, we challenge them to become their best. We develop solutions that stand the test of time. Since we own our plants, our customers can trust that we don’t compromise on quality. We have for instance reduced the need for primary energy for several customers by introducing a modern and highly efficient method of evaporation, called MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression).

Building local industrial symbiosis

Sometimes one man’s trash is really another man’s treasure. When looking beyond the borders of your own business, you may discover that your neighbor wants to get rid of just what you need. It may be an industry producing a lot of excess heat that they don’t need themselves or other side streams that they are not able to give make use out of. Adven has long experience in collaborating with industries and local district heating networks. In many of our district heating locations, we use excess heat from the steel and pulp and paper industry to heat thousands of homes and businesses. A clever way of using resources, we believe.

The volume of steam is a major cost component and we sought to find different solutions throughout our production process. At the same time, we wished to reduce our carbon footprint and to take our sustainability targets into account. The new evaporation method solution proposed by Adven meets both these requirements.

Heikki Vahtera
Plant manager of IFF Finnfeeds

Energy as a Service® is our model for tailor-made, long-term and brilliant partnerships. We design, build, own and operate new and existing energy and water related infrastructure for industries and large properties. We work closely together with our customers but take full responsibility for all parts in the value chain throughout our collaboration period.

Discover Energy as a Service®

1. Develop

Our experts tailor-make a solution based on a holistic approach to the customer’s energy and water use – and future needs.

2. Build & Own

We make it happen by taking care of the investment and project leading the construction phase in an efficient and competitive way.

3. Operate & Maintain

Our experienced O&M personnel operates the site locally and secures reliability with 24/7 remote monitoring.

4. Improve

As our customer’s operations – and the world – changes, continuous improvements are made throughout the full agreement period.