New boiler house in Sigulda increases energy efficiency

27th February 2024
News District heating Municipal cooperation

In February this year, a modernized boiler house was inaugurated in Sigulda, Latvia, by Adven, marking a significant step towards ensuring sustainable energy production in the area. During the modernization project, the old equipment has been replaced,and significantly increasing the efficiency of heat production and ensuring the compliance of Sigulda city’s heating system with environmental requirements.

The modernization project represented the next logical step in the overall development of Sigulda’s district heating, boiler houses, and distribution networks.

In 2022 SIA Adven Sigulda finalized an agreement with the contractor SIA Monum to modernize the existing boiler house with a focus on energy efficiency, and the utilization of local renewable energy sources in district heating production.

“This is yet another proof point to the fact that municipalities can establish successful partnerships with private capital companies to modernize heating systems and strengthen energy independence, while also reducing the risk of energy poverty in the region. Our mission is to continuously consider how to make processes and energy production more efficient and sustainable, prioritizing the use of local renewable energy resources. The implementation of such modernization projects is another milestone in achieving the sustainability goals outlined in the Sigulda municipality,” shares Māris Kānītis, Country Head of Adven Latvia.

By installing a new 6MW biomass boiler and replacing the old equipment – formerly using fossil fuels and later wood chips – result in nearly a 20% increase in heat generation efficiency. Additionally, the implementation of the project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1369 tons per year.

This project is a valuable step forward in the development of our region, demonstrating a commitment to fostering energy-efficient and more sustainable heating systems. The collaboration between Adven Sigulda and Monum sets a great example of how companies can work together to promote sustainable development, which positively impacts both the environment and local communities.

Kristaps Zaļais
Interim chairperson of the Sigulda Municipal Council