Towards more sustainable heat production in Sigulda

28th March 2023
News District heating

At the end of March, the equipment for modernizing the district heating boiler house in Sigulda, including a new biofuel boiler, has been delivered.

The reconstruction of the Sigulda boiler house will not only increase the energy efficiency of the heat source, but also ensure the compliance of the heating systems of Sigulda city with environmental protection requirements and improve the quality of life of city residents.

The delivery of new equipment is only one of the several steps in the modernization process. In April, a load-bearing floor will be built in the boiler house, which will allow the supplied equipment to be placed on the foundation. The work continues with firebox masonry work.

“We are glad that the construction process of the boiler house is proceeding according to plan and one of the most important steps has been taken – main equipment has been received, including a new biofuel boiler. This means that we are closer to producing even greener and more sustainable energy in Sigulda,” says Adven Latvia’s Project Manager Mārcis Smalkais.

By installing a new 6 MW wood chip boiler in an existing boiler house, the efficiency of the heat source will be increased by almost 20%. Thus, 5968 MWh less fuel will be consumed for heat generation than before the project was implemented. After the implementation, CO2 emissions of the boiler house will be reduced by 1369 tons per year.

The modernization of the boiler house will be completed on estimate at the end of year 2023.