Pulp & Paper Industries

Partnerships for improving cost competitiveness and sustainability performance

The pulp and paper industry is undergoing a transition, playing an increasingly important role in the fossil free society.

At the same time, the unpredictable and complex energy and commodity markets complicates business performance as well as long-term decision-making and investments.

We help our customers navigate by bringing in the latest expertise and know-how from our field. With our Energy as a Service® partnership model, we can then make change happen. We have a solid track record in developing and operating cost-competitive and innovative energy, water and recovery solutions for the industry.

By doing so, we enable mills to transform by improving cost competitiveness and sustainability performance, while the mill can focus on strengthening its business for the future.

Energy prices are volatile and there is a significant political risk for the future. This agreement ensures Arctic Paper Munkedal’s long-term competitiveness through lower, more stable and predictable energy costs, it will also strongly reduce our environmental footprint.

Michal Jarczyński
CEO of Arctic Paper S.A.

How we bring value

Adven can bring value to pulp and paper mills in several ways. We believe an important key is to have a holistic approach. We combine local synergies with our broad competence in industrial energy solutions to develop new and innovative concepts – always with proven technologies. For us, the long-term perspective is central in developing partnerships and our own business. We can therefore provide guaranteed deliveries, taking the risk and responsibility for both the operations and performance.

Cost competitive steam supply over time

Unpredictable and complex energy markets can make it difficult to foresee what solution, technology and fuel mix will stand the test of time. At Adven, we own and operate more than 100 combustion plants and have experts in sourcing of renewable and recycled fuels. We have a long-term time perspective, meaning we build in flexibility into our assets to ensure cost advantage with maximal supply security over time. However, before we consider building new capacity, we always look for new sources of waste heat or other side streams. Reducing the overall need for energy is a natural first step in becoming cost competitive, we believe.

Facilitate sustainability commitments

The industry is a forerunner in sustainable production and many companies are aiming towards a fossil free production. Our experience is that many mills struggle with the last 10-20 per cent of their fossil emissions, that are left untackled, needing to be reduced and replaced. Partnering with Adven enables mills to improve and achieve these ambitious sustainability targets. One way we can support is by realizing fuel conversions in lime kilns and dryers. Using our regional approach, we can also explore and make use of local synergies to recover side streams – and turn what was previously waste – to income.

Advanced water treatment – for better performing processes and tighter permits

Pulp and paper industries’ traditional water solutions often involve considerable use of chemicals and produce high volumes of sludge. We can help our customers develop their water treatment process with closed water cycles, by using for example membrane or evaporation technologies. Cost savings arise thanks to the reduced chemical consumption as well as reduced sludge quantities and smaller water intake. Together with our customers, we can open further saving avenues from nutrient recovery and biogas production by turning excess biomaterials to biogas.

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