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Supporting the metal, mineral and mining sector with energy and water expertise

The mining industry is consuming significant quantities of water for various purposes like enrichment. The process water should be purified and handled sustainably so that valuable chemicals and minerals can be extracted from it.

In addition, molten metal creates a lot of waste heat that has a huge potential for re-use. We can support our customers with solutions such as industrial water treatment and material and side stream recovery, which can create significant cost savings, not to mention the positive environmental impact.

We also thought about implementing the heat recovery ourselves, but realized it was simpler that the steam production and distribution in the entire Terrafame area is optimized by one player, Adven. This allows us to focus our resources on our core business of producing metals and, in the future, battery chemicals.

Kristian Granit
Chief Refinining Officer at Terrafame

How we bring value

When the amount of waste heat and water is high, there is usually an immense potential for cost savings and emission reductions with solutions that incorporate water treatment, energy efficiency, and efficient use of side streams. There are also new business opportunities to gain through efficient side stream recovery.

Cost savings and sustainability with industrial water treatment

Companies in the mining industry usually have a large potential in lowering their water footprint, taking better care of water conservation, as well as to reducing the consumption of chemicals. We can help our customers reach significant cost savings and a lower water footprint through closed water cycles. With more efficient metal and chemical recovery solutions, we can also reduce chemical consumption and decrease nutrient, metals, and chemical emissions.

Efficient energy production equals predictable cashflow

Production in the mining industry is often large-scale, which means the investments to build, develop or expand the energy supply usually are sizable as well. Reducing the mine’s production bottlenecks and improving energy efficiency is therefore crucial, especially in remote and off-grid locations, where mines typically are located. Partnering with Adven in our Energy as a service® model ensures predictable cashflow and efficient use of capital. Our partnerships can include waste heat recovery, bringing significant cost savings and reducing the need for primary energy. For underground mining, tunnel heating and ventilation solutions are critical to ensure safety and convenient operational environment.

New business and less emissions with side stream recovery

There are large amounts of chemical side streams to be handled in the mining sector, as well as excess carbon dioxide emissions and carbon monoxide (CO) from production. With metal, chemical and CO2 recovery, purification, and valorization, we can support our customers in transforming the side streams into completely new products, such as carbon dioxide, urea, methanol, or formic acid. Side stream recovery does not only generate cost savings and result in additional revenue opportunities but also receives a better return on capital employed (ROCE). This type of circular solutions often reduces emissions from production and support our customers’ sustainability journeys.

Teemu Helistekangas

Industry Lead, Chemical & Process Industry

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