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Our local main offices:

Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
+358 10 344 5000

Sveavägen 151, 2 tr
113 46 Stockholm

Kassi 13,
12618 Tallinn
+372 667 8600

Ģertrūdes str. 66, office 23
LV-1009, Riga

c/o Intertrust (Norway) AS
Munkedamsveien 59 B
0270 Oslo

The Journey
Velperplein 23-25
6811 AH Arnhem
The Netherlands

Industrial and Real Estate sales

Victor Donselaar

VP, Strategic Customer Management

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Juha Elo

VP, Sales Project Development

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Timo Koljonen

VP, Real estate Sales

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Louise Kierkegaard

Industry Lead, Pulp & Paper

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Kristaps Greidāns

Industry Lead, Food & Beverage

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Teemu Helistekangas

Industry Lead, Chemical & Process Industry

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Group Management

Anders Ericsson

CEO, Adven Group

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Toni Tamminen

SVP, Finance

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Jonas Sjölander

SVP, Mergers & Acquisitions

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Ville Heikkinen

SVP, District Heating

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Henrik Johansson Casimiro

SVP, Industrial Energy Solutions

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Juhan Aguraiuja

SVP, Baltics

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Mia Sipilä-Heikura

SVP, Marketing and Communications

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Susanne Lampenius

SVP, Asset & Project Management

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Hanna Summa

SVP, Human Resources

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Miika Oksanen

SVP, Legal

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Gustaf Molin

SVP, Process & IT

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