Water treatment

Optimizing site performance with industrial wastewater treatment

At Adven, we operate close to 200 solutions related to water treatment. The applications span from make-up water and raw water production via process water to effluent water treatment and flue gas condensate. As we are technology independent, we choose technologies that best support ours and our customer’s common goal, today and over time.

For us, it is also natural to think of water, energy, and resource use holistically – and our mission is to help our customers in harvesting the benefits of doing so as well.

Why focus on water?

Securing access to water for your daily operations

Achieving existing and upcoming environmental requirements such as BAT

Securing a high-quality production, reducing the risk of failure of expensive equipment

Improving sustainability and economic performance by saving water and reducing your water footprint

Our water treatment services

Wastewater and effluent treatment

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. As we are technology independent, our solutions are tailored to each customer and specific plant, thereby maximizing the impact of the treatment. We strive to solve the problem where it occurs, rather than downstream. Doing so typically makes the treatment simpler, reduces waste and often makes it possible to recover substances since they have not been diluted or polluted yet. When there is still water to be treated, we try to find an upside to the stream, for example, as we do in Skogn, create fertilizer from digestate.

Saving energy and water through closed water loops

Closing the water cycle means that the same water circulates in for instance in the cooling system, with no need to take new water from initial water source or water body. The cooling water is cooled in stages and the heat may also be recovered. By increasing the efficiency of water use we can help our customers reach reductions of over 30 % in total water consumption, which also helps to meet the environmental requirements.

Make up water treatment

When we treat our water in the right way, we lengthen the lifetime of our boilers, our steam and condensate systems and of our district heating networks. Therefore, we care a lot about our water quality and constantly develop our competence and operations from this point of view. We measure and analyze important parameters in the make-up water in our operations, making sure our treatments always are in a good condition. We also share knowledge and experience between our plants to keep improving and optimize treatments versus blowdown water to increase the efficiency over time.

Testing large-impact solutions in small-scale

We use pilot testing in cases where the solution or the technology used is completely new for the customer and we need to verify that it works in practice. The customer’s production processes may generate unique side streams or wastewater streams that have not been treated in the suggested way before. Pilot testing is a flexible method that enables us to investigate and minimize risks before building a full-scale plant. It is simply sed to ensure that the chosen technology is right, and the solution is created right from the beginning.

The first project with Adven went as we had expected: we achieved the targeted water savings and were able to recover waste energy. That’s why Adven was a logical choice as a partner for the next step too.

Ilkka Heikkilä
CEO of Nammo Vihtavuori
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Energy as a Service® is our model for tailor-made, long-term and brilliant partnerships. We design, build, own and operate new and existing energy and water related infrastructure for industries and large properties. We work closely together with our customers but take full responsibility for all parts in the value chain throughout our collaboration period.

Discover Energy as a Service®

1. Develop

Our experts tailor-make a solution based on a holistic approach to the customer’s energy and water use – and future needs.

2. Build & Own

We make it happen by taking care of the investment and project leading the construction phase in an efficient and competitive way.

3. Operate & Maintain

Our experienced O&M personnel operates the site locally and secures reliability with 24/7 remote monitoring.

4. Improve

As our customer’s operations – and the world – changes, continuous improvements are made throughout the full agreement period.