Why you should buy expert energy solutions as a service

30th October 2023
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Buying as a service is not limited to the IT industry only. Adven’s Strategic Customer Manager Eveliina Paljärvi highlights in this article that anything can be bought as a service, and energy is not an exception. You don’t have to be an expert in energy because you can outsource and have a dedicated energy partner instead.

Buying as a service has swept through different industries over the past decade. In recent years, the world has already talked about the so-called anything-as-a-service or XaaS model.

The trend was started by the software industry, where people have been buying through the cloud service model for a long time with a new, more cost-effective and flexible model. Fortune estimates that the XaaS market will grow globally to more than $3,000 billion by 2030 from the current $700 billion. This is away from the old-fashioned I-own-everything-myself-market.



But buying as a service is not limited to the IT industry, even though it is still leading the change. As a service, you can nowadays buy legal services, financial management, marketing, warehousing or almost anything that comes to mind. Energy is not an exception.

High threshold in outsourcing, but why?

Many people who buy energy solutions (and sell them in the old way) bring to the table arguments that have already been a bit worn out like “the best thing is to do it yourself, you have the know-how”, “buying as a service is always more expensive” or, my favorite, “we cannot outsource a critical part of our production”.

I heard these same arguments from CIOs already in the early days of my career in the financial sector in the early 2000s. The sector was intimidated to entrust the servers of their banking systems to the care of an outsourcing partner. We were quite sure that the number of problems would multiply when control was relinquished. But things turned out differently.

I don’t think many banks own their servers, network devices or firewalls anymore. At the same time, the development of digital banking services has progressed at a dizzying pace.

That CIO has had time to focus on developing his core business instead of agonizing over the day-to-day maintenance of support systems. The team has also freed up resources and at the same time money has been freed up for investments. And the energy sector is no different.

EaaS, or energy-as-a-service

You don’t have to own a steam boiler to get steam into the production process at the right pressure. You don’t have to own the geowells to get carbon-neutral heating to your property.

You don’t have to arrange fuel, know about the energy market regulations, or operate and maintain your energy site yourself with resources that are out of your core business.

Just like nowadays you don’t have to own your car, warehouse, computer, phone, movies, or even your clothes.



You don’t have to be an expert in energy because you can outsource and have a dedicated energy partner instead. Also, the outsourcing partner may have good ideas, for example, for heat recovery, increasing energy efficiency, making the most out of wastewater, or even how to do evaporation smarter.

Because the outsourcing partner has hundreds of energy experts who are passionate about energy solutions. They see daily how things have been done elsewhere and know how to bring the best solutions for the benefit of others.

Dear industry leader and/or real estate owner, you can hang on to the old habit of owning and managing everything inside and outside your fences.

Or you can join the rest of the world and choose a partner that delivers sustainable energy and water solutions that brings flexibility, cost-effectiveness, investment capability and continuous development.



The article is written by Eveliina Paljärvi, Adven’s Strategic Customer Manager, Food & Beverage.

Reach out to Eveliina on LinkedIn, or email: eveliina.paljarvi@adven.com / tel:+358 50 520 7515.