Why partner through our Energy as a Service® model?

We offer clever energy partnerships for industrial and real estate businesses.

Many see the value in not owning. Not owning means not investing, not taking risks, not having to be an expert at everything – and still excel.

It means having access to something you need without bearing the responsibility. In the right situation, not owning makes all the sense.

Together we drive the change

As the energy market becomes more complex and unpredictable and competition in the market intensified, the need to partner up with an expert is increasing. Together with our customers and suppliers, we drive the energy transition, while our customers can focus on staying competitive in a world of change.


We take risk, responsibility, and ownership – so you don’t have to.

Partnering with Adven gives you the stability you want to create a more predictable future for your business. Our long-term partnership agreements make our prices more competitive and your costs more predictable.

When we take over the responsibility for your infrastructure or equipment within energy or industrial water– we reduce the risk for you as a customer. Our experts are always near, with experience in and knowledge of the latest technologies and the fuel market.

That’s how we make sure that our customers stay prepared for their next move.

• 10–15-year agreements
• Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) covered by Adven


Making your transition happen in a smooth way.

We are all in the middle of a huge transition, but we play different roles. Ours is to help our customers in the energy transition and reaching their environmental goals; transitioning from fossil to renewable and recycled fuels, to more efficient resource use and to wasting less.

We have knowledge of and experience in many different energy forms, fuels, and technology areas. Whether the goal is to save energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, or move towards zero waste, we help you through the transition – and we do it in a competitive way.

We can help our customers achieve these environmental goals:

  • Accelerating decarbonization
  • Phasing out fossil fuels
  • Energy savings and reutilization
  • Water savings
  • Resource efficiency and chemical recovery
  • Zero waste


Investing in what matters most to your business.

When having Adven as a partner, you can finally let go of what doesn’t bring value, and focus. You release CAPEX, expertise and personnel for what matters to you the most, is it innovation, expansion, or growth of your core business.

At the same time, we make you stronger by making sure our partnership strengthens your business. We add value in many parts of the chain. We execute projects in a competitive way with experienced personnel.

We have an operations and maintenance organization that operate our infrastructure fleet in the most efficient way. Our sizeable fuel purchasing organization makes sure our customers have competitive prices and strong availability of supply.

We make sure you reach sustainability goals, operational goals, and financial goals. Today, and over time.

Freeing resources to grow can make all the difference

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