Energy production

Industrial energy supply at our core

Running and developing industrial energy plants is an important part of our heritage. Equipped with boiler experts, project managers, fuel purchasers and professionals in operations and maintenance, we give our customers access to sustainable and competitive energy. Sometimes we take over the ownership of and improve existing plants and sometimes we build new capacity to support a production expansion or our customers’ sustainability journeys.

Energy is our core business, giving our customers space to focus on theirs.

Our energy services

Conversions from fossil to renewable and recycled energy

The process industry is just like many other sectors striving to phase out the use of fossil fuels to mitigate climate change and lower their environmental impact. However, investing in new equipment, scanning the fuel market for the best suitable option, and building and operating a new energy plant is not done overnight. We help our customers in the transition, enabling them to reach their environmental goals in a competitive and smooth way.

Efficient steam and hot water production

Some of the most common energy forms needed for industrial processes are industrial steam and hot water. Our experience is that even the basic energy supply often can be operated in a more effective way, enabling both savings through lower total energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Since steam volume many times also is a major cost component for process industries, we can also help our customers to improve financially. Also, when production grows, more steam capacity is often needed, which is often resolved by investing in new infrastructure. With our holistic approach, we help our customer capture heat and recover excess steam for reuse in their processes.

Industrial cooling and cold production

At Adven, we have more than two decades of experience in operating industrial cooling and cold production. The needs vary from fridge and freezer temperatures. Natural coolants, ammonia and carbon dioxide, are typically used in the cold production. The heat coming from the cooling process can also be recovered by using heat pumps and directed for instance into the low temperature network instead of being released to the outdoors. The key in a solution for industrial cooling and cold production is that the energy generated by the cooling process is utilized as effectively as possible.

When the power plant was realised, it was built to run on biofuels without compromising productivity and profitability. At the time, we shared a common goal with Adven: to minimise fuel oil consumption.

Timo Panula
Plant Manager at Valio Seinäjoki
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Energy as a Service® is our model for tailor-made, long-term and brilliant partnerships. We design, build, own and operate new and existing energy and water related infrastructure for industries and large properties. We work closely together with our customers but take full responsibility for all parts in the value chain throughout our collaboration period.

Discover Energy as a Service®

1. Develop

Our experts tailor-make a solution based on a holistic approach to the customer’s energy and water use – and future needs.

2. Build & Own

We make it happen by taking care of the investment and project leading the construction phase in an efficient and competitive way.

3. Operate & Maintain

Our experienced O&M personnel operates the site locally and secures reliability with 24/7 remote monitoring.

4. Improve

As our customer’s operations – and the world – changes, continuous improvements are made throughout the full agreement period.