Non-fossil energy solution to Mirka’s factory in Oravais

18th March 2024
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The world’s leading manufacturer of abrasive products, Mirka, and the energy company Adven implement a completely non-fossil energy solution, where geoenergy field, solar power and electric boiler combine their forces.

The heat production of Mirka’s factory in Oravais, Finland, will be completely non-fossil. After the project is completed, now estimated in early 2025, the carbon dioxide emissions of the Oravais production facility will decrease by approximately 281 tons per year.

The current pellet boiler and the light fuel oil boiler for reserve and peak energy will be replaced with heating based on geoenergy and solar power. The existing pellet boiler will remain as a backup alongside the new energy solution.

The geoenergy field, which serves as the basis for geothermal energy consists of 80 wells, each 350 m deep. The wells will be drilled in a field next to the factory, where a 2.5 MWp solar power plant will also be built. Heat pumps and an electric boiler will be installed in the current energy center to replace the old oil-fired boilers. The project has been granted NextGenerationEU funding from the European Union.

Mirka prefers local renewable energy

Responsibility and the principles of sustainable development are an essential part of Mirka’s business. Mirka wants to favor local renewable energy and local partnerships as well as increase self-sufficiency in its energy production. The energy solution offered by Adven is an excellent answer to this.

“We had such good experiences in the geoenergy project at the factory in Jakobstad that we decided to continue discussions about a similar project at our Oravais factory as well. We wanted to get rid of every last drop of oil. In addition to geoenergy, this solution also included influences from the electric boiler and solar power project underway at the factory in Jeppo. The opportunities and challenges of energy production can always be solved together, and our cooperation with Adven is not only commercial, but full partnership,” says Jari Lemberg, Project Office Manager at Mirka.

More than two decades of partnership

Adven has produced energy for Mirka’s factory in Oravais since 2000. Over the 20 years of partnership, heat production has undergone an energy transition, first from fuel oil to pellet heating, later a heat recovery solution was added, and now heat production is solely based on renewable energy.

“The energy solution is cost-effective and carbon neutral, and at the same time it supports Mirka’s ambition to be self-sufficient in its energy production,” says Anssi Juvonen, Sales Manager of Adven’s real estate energy solutions.


For more information:

Adven Oy, Anssi Juvonen, Sales Manager for Real Estate Energy Solutions,, +358 40 809 3160

Adven Oy, Jani Moisanen, Account Manager,, +358 40 514 9387

Mirka Oy, Jari Lemberg, Project Office Manager,, +358 40 844 5036


Mirka Ltd is a Finnish family-owned company located in Jeppo, Finland and part of the KWH Group. Mirka offers a wide range of solutions for surface finishing and precision sanding. Mirka is specialized in total solutions in which the abrasives are supplemented by innovatively designed machines and polishing compounds. The know-how combines hands-on experience, and the innovative solutions are based on customer needs. Around 98 % of production is exported to over 100 countries. Mirka employs over 1600 people in 19 subsidiaries around the world. The company’s turnover in 2023 was 409 M€.


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