New geoenergy solution in Mirka’s factory cuts carbon dioxide emissions

22nd June 2022
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Mirka and Adven have launched a new energy solution project in Mirka’s factory in Jakobstad, Finland. Adven will implement an energy-efficient, low-emission hybrid energy solution for the current factory and its expansion under construction. The most important part of the solution is a new geofield. Mirka aims to reduce the factory’s carbon dioxide emissions from energy use as much as possible.

A hybrid solution will be implemented at Mirka’s site in Jakobstad. The key part of the solution is a new geofield. Geoenergy is solar energy stored in the soil, and it can be extracted from the bedrock or from the surface of the soil. It can be efficiently utilized for both heating and cooling buildings throughout the year.

In total, 115 geoenergywells, each 340 meters deep, will be drilled on the site. Also installed on the site will be two large air to water heat pumps, solar panels and a district heating system, which is needed during the harshest winter. Mirka’s energy partner Adven will be responsible for designing, implementing and operating the energy solution.

The overall reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions will be 900 tons, which is a significant change from the previous level.

“Our goal is to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions, and Adven will provide us with local green energy. Adven’s expertise and the cooperation skills of their local staff make them an easy partner to work with,” says Mirka’s Project Office Manager Jari Lemberg.

The heat pumps will be used for cooling in the summer, when heat is stored in the geofield. In the winter, geoenergy and heat pump technology are used to heat the production plants.

Energy partners for more than two decades

Mirka has purchased energy as a service from Adven since the beginning of the 2000s. Currently, Adven is Mirka’s energy partner in its factories in Jeppo and Oravais. This made it easy to choose Adven as the energy partner for the company’s factory in Jakobstad, as well.

“The biggest reason for choosing Adven was their experience in completing projects under highly demanding conditions. We knew that this undertaking would be challenging. The existing factory is in operation and the new one is under construction at the same time as heat wells are being drilled, so space is running out on the plot,” says Lemberg.

Lemberg says that the cooperation has gone smoothly. All the parties have been aware of each others’ doings, and flexibility all around has ensured the least amount of disruption possible.

“Implementation has been technically challenging, as the work site was established quickly, and the factory is in operation during the whole time. Despite this, I believe that careful planning and seamless cooperation with Mirka and on the work site of the new expansion will help see the project through successfully,” says Adven’s Sales Manager Anssi Juvonen.

Mirka is constructing a new factory building to the southern end of its existing factory in Kvastberget, Jakobstad. The current factory facilities failed to meet the rapidly rising demand for electric sanders.

Quick facts about the energy solution:

  • Geofield: 115 wells, each 340 meters deep
  • Heat pumps 1,650 kW and air to water heat pumps 340 kW
  • Solar panels 100 kWp
  • Share of renewable energy 98%
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by approximately 900 tons a year
  • The project will be implemented by the end of 2022

Our goal is to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions, and Adven will provide us with local green energy. Adven’s expertise and the cooperation skills of their local staff make them an easy partner to work with.

Jari Lemberg
Mirka’s Project Office Manager

Additional information:

Anssi Juvonen, tel. +358 40 809 3160

Stefan Sjöberg, tel. +358 40 824 7385

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