Energy as a Service®

Our partnership model enables you to focus on your core business

When change seems to be the only constant – strong and long-term partnerships are more important than ever.

We are all in the middle of a huge energy transition, living in a world where we have to reconsider, rethink and redo.

Through our Energy as a Service® model, we partner with our industrial and real estate customers and suppliers to continuously deliver and develop reliable, sustainable, energy efficient, and competitive solutions for our societies, today and over time.

Our customers don’t have to be energy experts – because we are. And by coming together, we drive the energy transition.

Join the energy transition

Discover benefits of Energy as a Service®

When partnering with Adven through our Energy as a Service® model, we create a future of possibilities together.

Discover benefits of Energy as a Service®


Lowering risk of owning the energy production and making prices more competitive through improved energy efficiency.


Helping the transition to renewable and recycled energy sources as fuels, to more efficient resource use and to wasting less.


Releasing time, money and people from energy management to do what matters most to your business.

We did not have to finance the investment ourselves. We made a long-term contract, and Adven maintains the equipment and ensures the functioning of our energy solution.

Ilkka Heikkilä
CEO of Nammo Vihtavuori
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How Energy as a Service® works

Energy as a Service® is our model for tailor-made, energy efficient, long-term, and brilliant partnerships. We design, build, own and operate new and existing energy and water related infrastructure for industries and large properties. With Energy as a Service®, we work closely together with our customers but take full responsibility for all parts of the value chain throughout our collaboration period.

1. Develop

Our experts tailor-make an energy solution based on a holistic approach to the customer’s energy and water use – and future needs.

2. Build & Own

We make it happen by taking care of the investment and project leading the construction phase in an efficient and competitive way.

3. Operate & Maintain

Our experienced O&M personnel operates the site locally and secures reliability with 24/7 remote monitoring.

4. Improve

As our customer’s operations – and the world – changes, continuous improvements are made throughout the full agreement period.

The different parts of our Energy as a Service® model

1. Develop

We start by carefully analyzing our customer’s processes, operations and needs.  A dedicated team of Adven’s experts then work together to design an optimal energy solution for any industry or real estate company – tailored for their specific needs.

We investigate energy and water usage as well as new opportunities within by-products and wastewater. For example, meeting Valio’s production standards has been a key consideration in our design, resource allocation and planning projects.

The solution is often a mix of our energy services. It can consist of improved energy efficiency in the production facility, sustainable and resource-saving energy production, recovering renewable fuels from production’s by-products or utilizing a facility’s waste heat, or using water more sustainably with industrial water treatment services. The solution can also be based on renewable geothermal energy. Some of our customers have all our energy services in use in their specific solution.

• Sustainable energy solutions to meet the customer’s needs and requirements
• Financial calculations and onsite measurements
• Holistic and long-term approach
• Technology independent solutions

2. Invest, Build & Own

One of the cornerstones of our partnership model is that we bring in the investment funds needed to make the project happen. This means that our customers don’t need their own resources to fund the energy project.

Our partnerships begin in the development phase and are further established via a long-term service contract where all steps of the value chain from design to improvement of the solution are covered. We have partnerships with our customers that have lasted for decades, a good example is Mirka.

The energy, or solution at hand, is then bought “as a service”. This model allows our customers to invest in their core business, lower the risk and keep financial figures healthier.

Our project management organization then builds the solution in an efficient way according to the concept design. Adven’s operations and maintenance organization ensures that the solution will function as planned once commissioned.

• Investment covered by Adven
• Construction project and related risks covered by Adven
• Managing and leading the supplier cooperation

3. Operate & Maintain

When the plant or solution is successfully built and commissioned, Adven’s operations and maintenance organization consisting of over 300 specialists, is responsible for daily operations of the energy plant and reacts promptly to changing situations. Our 24/7 service network reaches across the countries with local operations always near or at our customers’ sites.

In addition, all Adven’s facilities are connected to a modern remote monitoring system. Adven’s operational center monitors the operations and processes of the energy plants 24/7.

• Optimizing the solution based on customer’s needs
• Operation and maintenance based on strong expertise and experience
• Ensuring safe and efficient operations of the plant
• Remotely assessing and remedying potential fault situations
• Utilization of big data for continuous operational excellence
• Energy management through monitoring and reporting
• High reliability and cost-awareness based on 24/7 remote control
• Managing fuel purchases
• Supply of supplementary energy products, such as reserve power, natural gas or water

4. Improve

Together with the customer, Adven continuously develops and improves the service based on feedback, changing needs and improvement potential. We develop our cooperation hand-in-hand with the development of the customer’s operations. For Viking Malt, we improved the energy solution before the plant was even up and running.

In the long-standing customer relationships and with the insight to the customer’s energy production processes and methods, Adven is prepared to develop solutions to optimally meet the changing requirements of the customer’s operations.

• Customer care and joint development
• Energy and process data analysis and benchmarking to Adven’s best-practices
• Service expansions and concept updates
• Reuse of assets
• Flexibility and scalability
• Reduced financial risk

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One of the reasons why we chose Adven as our partner in evaporation was that they supply the solution as a service. They bear full responsibility for the maintenance and remote controlling of the plant, which creates security for us.

Terje Hyldmo
Manager, Commercial and Business Development at Biokraft
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