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The energy market is changing rapidly and becoming more and more complex. At Adven, we are working with these questions every day.

As the leading partner in the energy transition, we want to help you navigate in this fast-moving environment.

The market is currently very volatile. We talk about an energy crisis that at a first glance seems to be abating, but the underlying causes are far from resolved.

Therefore, once every quarter, we consolidate a report – the Energy Outlook – with some of the main factors impacting the energy market right now as we see it. In the Outlook we discuss, for example, the energy crisis in more detail, take a glance on Nordic power and how the fuel market is developing in terms of fuel source and prices. In this constantly changing environment we also suggest some hedging strategies to limit the risks in financial assets.

Summary of the newest Energy Outlook published in the end of February 2023:

The second winter of the energy crisis is more than half-way through. Even though the crisis at a first glance seems to be abating, the underlying causes are far from resolved. Relations with Russia have not improved but quite the opposite, as Europe has increased its support to Ukraine. All the while, the political risks continue to be significant with several political interventions in place and several more likely to be introduced.

In December, the details of the Fit for 55 reform package were decided upon by the EU, expanding and tightening the emission trading system. Electricity prices have come down significantly since the record price-spike in August. The reason is a combination of mild winter weather and economic slowdown, that is weighting on coal-, gas-, biomass-, and carbon prices. But despite the recent drop, energy prices remain much elevated compared to their historical averages.

The applicable hedging strategies remain very much focused on risk management.

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