Efficient industrial processes with MVR evaporation

Evaporation taken to the next level

Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is a proven energy-saving technology, which reduces evaporation energy very effectively. It is an energy recovery process which can be used to recycle waste heat to improve energy efficiency.

Evaporation is a focal process phase for example in Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper and Chemicals & Pharmaceutical industries. By introducing the modern and highly efficient MVR evaporation method in an industrial evaporation process could save significant amounts of energy and money in many cases.

Closed evaporation solutions using MVR technology can reduce steam consumption by as much as 100% from the baseline consumption, and/or can recover valuable fractions from energy and water streams.

With a holistic approach, our customers get an understanding how we could run the processes as energy efficiently and sustainably as possible.  Let’s reveal your opportunities!

MVR evaporation benefits explained

Evaporation taken to the next level

Traditionally, evaporation requires a lot of energy even in the case of evaporators been sequenced to reduce the energy consumption. The advanced Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) technology is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional 4-effect evaporation for separating water from condensed liquids. By improving energy efficiency of the evaporation, consumption of steam and emissions of energy production can be significantly reduced. In addition, the total need of energy can also be significantly reduced which brings both environmental and financial benefits.

Reduced steam consumption with closed heat cycle

When the need of energy in an industrial production process grows, it is worthwhile to determine whether procuring additional energy can be avoided. For example, by a more efficient heat or steam recovery enabled by closed cycles. MVR evaporation is based on closed energy circulation, where steam is compressed using fans, allowing it to be re-utilized. Often, MVR evaporation makes it possible for the waste heat generated in the process to be shared with also by other energy users in the location. Usually it makes sense to utilize waste heat in a plant’s own processes, but integration with the nearby facilities, be it district heating network or greenhouses for instance, makes it even more valuable.

Unwanted by-products concentrated by evaporation

From waste to valuable resource! With Adven’s holistic approach possible bottlenecks in both energy production and in materials or water processing are identified. Thousands of tons of formerly unwanted by-products can be concentrated by a closed cycle evaporation. MVR evaporation is an effective way to recover valuable nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen contained in waste streams and reject water to be reused as fertilizers for farming. Improved self-sufficiency leads to greater cost-effectiveness and a higher degree of domestic origin.

Evaporation is critical for us to be able to utilize the nutrients contained in our reject waters. Adven’s evaporation solution removes some 90 per cent of the water, which makes the fertilizer cost-effective to transport and easier for farmers to handle.

Terje Hyldmo
Manager, Commercial and Business Development, Biokraft
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