Potato starch evaporated as plant fertilizer

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Kokemäki, Finland-based Finnamyl Oy is a company that contract farms and processes starch potatoes. During the starch processing, about 73 tons of potato cell sap is left as a by-product annually. Now, this side-product is refined and concentrated in Adven’s evaporation plant.

Finnamyl has developed, together with many domestic and foreign research partners, a unique potato protein processing method.

During the process thousands of tons of potato cell sap is left as a by-product. Reasonable refining method and purpose of use for the potato cell sap was pondered, and fortunately, this production residue could be utilized wisely.

A new use was invented and now concentrated nutrients can be used as a plant fertilizer.

From production by-product into a fertilizer through evaporation

Adven implemented a closed heat-cycle MVR-evaporation plant where thousands of tons of by-product is concentrated by evaporation. The evaporated concentrate works well as a fertilizer of special plants.

During spring, the concentrate can be spread in the fields as a fertilizer before new season sowing.

New opportunities to utilize the concentrate are also investigated, as the concentrate could be used as a greenhouse fertilizer.




The concentrated nutrients from the potato cell sap can be used as a plant fertilizer.


Evaporation, produced “as-a-service” by Adven, now has an important role in Finnamyl’s production process.

”We entered this cooperation with enthusiasm and ambition, and now we have an excellent proof of where innovation with the customer at its best can lead”, says SVP, Industrial Energy Solutions Henrik Johansson Casimiro from Adven.

Adven’s ability to deliver the project in time and with superior quality exceeded the already high expectations. The plant also performs even better than promised.

Tauno Henttinen
Production Manager, Finnamyl Oy

Finnamyl Oy

Finnamyl Oy was founded in 1999, while the processing plant has been operating in Kokemäki since 1942. The company also includes Lapuan Peruna Oy, whose entire output is sold to the paper industry where it undergoes further processing.

Finnamyl’s vision is to be the leading starch-potato contract farming company in Finland, an active manufacturer and developer of starch potato products and player on the global market. www.finnamyl.fi/en