Adven improves its district heating networks in Cēsis

23rd February 2023
News District heating

Modernizing the heating systems and expanding the network not only means offering new connection opportunities, but it also reduces dependency on natural gas in Cēsis, Latvia.

The investment plan of the Cēsis district heating network includes the reconstruction and expansion of the district heating networks, offering the new customers the opportunity to connect to the district heating in the area as well as improving energy supply for the existing customers.

Ieva Vaivode, Head of Customer relations at Adven Latvia, says:

“The natural gas price increase has contributed to a strong interest among residents and businesses in connecting to the Cēsis district heating network. The developments we are going to realize will also contribute to the reduction of emissions.”

The investment plan includes new network connections in several locations as well as the improvements of the existing networks and investments in boiler houses. For example, network renovation and reconstruction are planned in one of the most important boiler houses of Cēsis. The construction of an additional wood chip boiler as well as a new boiler house are also included in the plan.

“Last year was a successful year for us, as several residential houses and properties were connected to our networks. As a positive consequence, this year we will invest in an additional woodchip boiler in the Turaidas area. Also, the plan of building yet another new boiler house in Bērzaines is already underway contributing to the energy efficiency as well as the use of local renewable energy resources in the district heating supply,” comments Egils Kampuss, Technical Director at Adven Latvia.

Cēsis. Photo: Kristaps Ungurs/Unsplash