Latvia’s Climate and Energy Ministry visits boiler houses

24th January 2024
News District heating Municipal cooperation

On January 19th, Minister of Latvia’s Climate and Energy Ministry Kaspars Melnis visited the boiler houses of Valmieras Enerģija, joint venture of Adven, as part of his regional tour in the Valmiera district. The minister explored the Valmiera wood chip boiler house and the soon-to-be-completed boiler house nearby, where ongoing construction activities are in progress.

During the visit, representatives of Valmieras Enerģija introduced the minister to the principles of a joint venture established by Adven Latvia and Valmiera municipality. This collaboration has enabled attractive private sector investments in the development of the district heating service and has helped to strengthen the energy independence and at the same time securing the availability of energy.

Towards sustainability targets and cost savings

Company representatives shared their experience. They highlighted that precisely this type of collaboration between the public and private sectors in district heating supply has enormous potential.

Collaboration can serve as a primary driving force for Latvia on its journey towards achieving climate neutrality goals and regional energy independence.

The Minister was introduced to the operation of the boiler house which since its commissioning in 2020, in addition to the existing ones, has significantly increased the fuel balance in Valmiera’s district heating supply In 2014, 98% of the heat energy in Valmiera was produced from natural gas, but today the share is only 10%.

As a result of the increased share of renewable fuels, during the 2022/2023 heating season, the savings for the residents of Valmiera, state, and municipality amounted to more than 10 million euros.

Strengthening the energy independence even further

During the visit, the minister also visited another site, where construction work for a new wood chip boiler house is currently underway. The implementation of this joint project between Valmieras Enerģija and the city of Valmiera will further strengthen the energy independence of the region.

By constructing a new wood chip boiler house, the proportion of renewable energy resources in Valmiera city will increase to more than 90% of the total fuel used in thermal energy production.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to showcase and share the experience of Valmiera city’s journey towards energy independence with the Minister of Climate and Energy Kaspars Melnis and his team. We are proud to share success stories like these, highlighting the achievements of private and public partnerships, , as they play a vital long-term role in achieving Latvia’s climate neutrality goals,” expresses Māris Kānītis, board member of  Valmieras Enerģija.

Valmieras Enerģija is the largest heat energy producer in Valmiera, generating up to 84% of the heat energy used in Valmiera’s district heating supply. In 2024, the company will also take over the production of heat energy in the region where the energy is currently produced by Valmieras Piens.