A new biomass boiler house has been opened in Cēsis

13th December 2023
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The thermal energy produced in the city of Cēsis, Latvia, has become more sustainable – on December 12, 2023, a new woodchip boiler house of Adven Latvia was opened on Berzaines Street 31, which almost completely replaces the natural gas boiler installations used so far.

With the completion of the construction project of this boiler house, the share of local renewable energy resources in Cēsis centralized heat supply will increase up to 85% of the total produced volume.

The construction of the boiler house started in the spring of 2023, when Adven Latvia concluded a cooperation agreement with Sanart for the construction of a biomass boiler house and increasing the efficiency of the heat source in the block of Berzaines Street in the city of Cēsis.

At the end of August, the delivery and installation of the main equipment were carried out – this allowed the project to be completed in a significantly shorter time.

Already at the beginning of the new 2023/2024 heating season, the production of thermal energy in the block of Berzaines Street was started from the new heating source.

Such a step already in this heating season will not only guarantee more predictable and stable heat energy production costs but also a more attractive environment for residents.

“Economic and geopolitical events still create great uncertainty about the prices of energy resources. The realization of this project is an important reference point in the development of heat supply in the city of Cēsis and strengthening energy independence using local energy resources”, says Māris Kānītis, Country Manager at Adven Latvia.

An energy transition from fossil fuel

Until now, the heat source of the centralized heat supply system in the Bērzaines Street area was made up of natural gas boilers installed in the period from 1981 to 1991.

As a result of the project, the existing fossil fuel heat source was replaced with a new woodchip boiler with a total capacity of up to 980 kW.

This not only reduces the dependence of the city of Cēsis on fossil fuels but also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by up to 512 tons of CO2 per year.

“By opening the new wood chip boiler house, another important step is taken towards a more sustainable future for the city. I would like to thank the Adven team, whose implemented project continues the modernization of the heat supply network in the city and will ensure more predictable, stable costs for the residents of the Bērzaines Street block”, says Jānis Rozenbergs, Chairman of the Cēsis County Council.

He continues:

The opened boiler house not only improves the existing heat supply network, but it also promotes the use of renewable energy resources and independence from natural gas.

Jānis Rozenbergs
Chairman of the Cēsis County Council

Opening event of the new boiler house

Opening ceremony with Adven employees and representatives of the city of Cēsis cutting the ribbon.

The new woodchip boiler house on Berzaines Street 31, in Cēsis, Latvia.

Representatives of Adven and the city of Cēsis in front of the new boiler house.