Energy efficient evaporation key in Honkajoki’s expansion plans

23rd April 2024
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Finland’s leading processor of animal by-products, Honkajoki Oy, is significantly expanding its production in Kankaanpää. Adven will implement a new evaporation plant based on MVR technology in the extension. It will help Honkajoki reach its energy efficiency targets and expand the evaporation cooperation between the companies.

Honkajoki Oy, which specializes in circular economy, is making its largest investment in production in Kankaanpää, where a new production facility will be built in connection with the existing plant.

At its current production plant, Honkajoki processes animal by-products from Finnish farms, slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants.

At the new plant, the company will be the first in Finland to start manufacturing animal protein hydrolysates. Protein hydrolysates are used, for example, in the pet food industry.

Photo: Honkajoki / Honkajoki’s current production area in Kankaanpää, Finland.

In the processing phase, the liquid is evaporated from the by-product, and the remaining fraction is processed further as high-quality raw materials for animal nutrition, biofuels, and fertilizers. Adven has been providing energy-efficient evaporation services at its MVR evaporation plant in Honkajoki since 2017.

With MVR evaporation, the evaporated steam is fully recycled, resulting in 10-20 times more energy efficient evaporation compared to traditional multi-stage evaporation solutions.

MVR key part of the new production process

Now, the evaporation service will be expanded to the new extension of the production plant and new MVR evaporation plant will be built, which is estimated to be ready for commissioning after summer 2025. The planned commissioning of the new Honkajoki production plant is at the end of the same year.

MVR evaporator in 3D

3D image of the new MVR evaporator. Photo: Adven.

The new production facility is part of the Group’s strategy to manufacture products with ever higher added value and improve energy efficiency. The evaporation plant implemented by Adven will be a key part of the new production process and will help us reach our energy efficiency targets. We have had a similar evaporation plant delivered by Adven in Honkajoki, and our experiences of the plant’s energy efficiency and system security have been positive. Therefore, it was natural to expand the partnership to our new future production plant.

Jarmo Lahtinen
Production Director at Honkajoki

“Honkajoki and Adven have a good-spirited and well-functioning partnership going back seven years. Our partnership has brought energy efficiency, technical know-how and reliability to Honkajoki’s production. It is a pleasure to be able to expand our evaporation partnership now also to a new production plant,” says Jani Moisanen, Account Manager at Adven.

About MVR evaporation

MVR, which stands for Mechanical Vapor Recompression, is a modern evaporation solution based on closed steam circulation, which is also used in Honkajoki. With this solution, the evaporated steam is fully reused, resulting in 10-20 times better evaporation energy efficiency compared to traditional multi-stage evaporation solutions.

Condensing a protein fluid is a process that requires energy consumption, but MVR helps to keep consumption as low as possible. In this way, MVR enables the production of protein hydrolysates to be both energy-efficient and low-emission.

About Honkajoki Oy

Honkajoki Oy is Finland’s leading processor of animal by-products. It is estimated that approximately 260,000 tonnes of animal by-products are produced annually in Finland. Almost 80% of this is processed at Honkajoki Oy’s plants into industrial products as required by Finnish and EU laws.

Animal-based raw materials are returned to the natural cycle in accordance with the circular economy model. The organic raw materials produced by Honkajoki Oy are used as a nutrient source for agricultural feed, the pet and fur food industry and the fertilizer industry.

For more information:

Adven Oy, Jani Moisanen, Account Manager,, +358 40 514 9387

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