Official (heat) supplier to Vasaloppet, world’s biggest cross-country ski race

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Since 2019, Adven has been an official supplier to Vasaloppet, the world’s biggest cross-country ski race taking place in Sweden, and provided Vasaloppet’s fair tents with heat. At the start in Sälen, the solution is based on mobile pellet boilers, but the large delivery takes place at the finish line in Mora. The fair tent in “Tingshusparken” is heated with sustainable district heating produced from renewable and recycled energy sources.

Vasaloppet is one of Sweden’s oldest, and the world’s biggest, cross-country ski race and has during the past years worked continuously with reducing their climate footprint. Measures have been taken for example to reduce the littering along the ski tracks, to enable more participants to travel to the event by public transport and to offer flourine free wax as a service. One of the larger projects that Adven and Vasaloppet have collaborated on over the years has been to change the heating method of Vasaloppet’s tents, in Mora, Sälen and Oxberg. Already for the winter week of 2018, extensive work was carried out to change both the heating method and the indoor climate in the fair tent in Mora. Together with Adven, a replacement of diesel as a heat source in favor of district heating was made possible in the 4000 square meter fair tent. A measure that reduced carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 30 tons.

Ahead of Vasaloppet’s winter week 2019, the next step in the collaboration was taken. The starting point in Sälen and Oxberg changed the heating source from fossil fuels to pellet heating and green electricity. The then CEO of Vasaloppet, Eva-Lena Frick talked about the collaboration:

– Vasaloppet has always collaborated with partners to ensure development and competence in environmental matters among many, and we are very proud to collaborate with Adven in this area. The local connection is important, and we have great trust in Adven being in the forefront of the development of climate friendly solutions.

Vasaloppet’s sustainability strategy focuses on having a sustainable approach within three different areas: environmental, financial, and social matters. The sustainability strategy and its measures results in happier and healthier participants, support to associations and regional development, sustainable financial results to the owning associations and reduced environmental impact.
Adven’s Regional Manager Mitt, Erik Gynt, talks about the projects over the years:

– Finding a renewable heating method for Vasaloppet’s tents has been challenging and fun. There are not many events of Vasaloppet’s size that use district heating and pellets today, and it feels amazing to contribute to Vasaloppet being in the forefront.

It is not commonly known that Vasaloppet’s fair tents are heated with district heating or that “Vasa- runners” shower warmly after the races in district heating-heated showers. Adven’s Operations and Maintenance Manager in Mora, Jesper Klangebo, talks about the solution:

– In “Tinghusparken”, we build a solution every year so that we can use the heat that goes in our regular district heating pipes to heat people in Mora and “Vasa-runners”. The municipality’s properties also have district heating, which means that skiers can take a warm shower after the race.