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15th April 2024
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I am Ieva Vaivode, and I work as a customer relations manager at Adven. My inspiration is every new customer who expresses a desire to join our district heating – my eyes light up, I open the heating network card and a new offer is being made!

Engineer with excellent communication skills

I’ve started working for Adven Latvia relatively recently – since October 2022 when the company was seeking someone with experience in customer service and knowledge of heat engineering. As my previous jobs were directly related to customer service and heat supply, one day I received an invitation to a job interview in my inbox. I am very pleased to have joined Adven and to be able to pursue my desire for new challenges!

I have obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in geomatics and an engineering qualification in geodesy and cartography, as well as a master’s degree in management science. I can say that the knowledge I have acquired is also useful in my daily work. My direct job duties mainly involve acquiring new clients for our district heating system. Similarly, I am also responsible for communicating with municipalities and developing new projects, including proactive actions and communication regarding existing projects. One of my daily duties also includes maintaining and updating digital heat network maps, which serve as a valuable tool for the technical team in both maintenance and renewal operations of the heat network, as well as in case of damages.

By acting together, the best solutions can be found

It is important to me that throughout the process, the client can communicate with one responsible person, rather than being redirected from one colleague to another. Therefore, I am present throughout the entire cycle, starting from the client’s application and proposal development, through the construction process, to the successful connection of the client to Adven heat networks. I enjoy everyday communication with clients – although each case requires its approach and perspective, I like to find a mutual language and reach the best solution together.

In this profession, the most important key is communication. I believe that the art of talking and understanding each other is a very important part of the profession. Naturally, the profession also requires the ability to react quickly, keep a cool mind, and find a solution in more unpleasant situations.

Cold water swimming, wakeboarding, and games

It’s no secret that I’m a supporter of an active lifestyle – I attend group workouts and dance classes, and I also run. However, I’m eagerly looking forward to summer to get back into wakeboarding, which is my passion but has been neglected for several years. Meanwhile, during the winter months, I practice cold water swimming.

My after-work rituals are very diverse, and I can thank my two beloved and active daughters for that. Sometimes, my relaxation from work involves playing with a group of their friends, long walks, building forts, as well as going skating and swimming. I also enjoy attending various cultural events, especially theater performances and concerts. I am glad that such an active lifestyle helps me unwind from a long day at work, and the next day, I am positively charged and ready to tackle everyday work tasks.

Kindness at every step

If I were to describe Adven, it would be warmth in conversations by the coffee machine and during daily meetings. However, I highly value the professionalism, integrity, and high work culture of my colleagues above all. It is also one of my daily inspirations – seeing the attitude of my colleagues towards their work duties and how responsibly and professionally they handle various daily situations and projects.

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