The climate crisis made me want to accelerate industrial transition

25th September 2023
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My name is Karl Asp, or Kalle, as I’m often called. My career began at Adven after studying Industrial Engineering at Linköping University. Since completing my education, I’ve gained a knowledge base at the intersection of energy, technology, and business. Currently, I work as a Junior Sales Developer, contributing to sales projects that drive the energy transition.

I’ve always found the energy industry exciting, but it was the climate change that ultimately led me here. The industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with even more significant changes to come. At the same time, a significant portion of emissions originate from the energy sector, even though the sector is essential to keep households, industries, and communities running.

Strategic thinking and complex analyses

In my current role, I focus on supporting senior sales professionals with analyses, calculations, and materials for business meetings with potential partners. These analyses help us better understand the needs of industries and provide the necessary foundation for future financing. An exciting aspect of working at Adven is the opportunity to engage in large projects with significant climate impact, allowing us to change for the better.

Since Adven is an international company, I collaborate daily with colleagues in Finland, Estonia, and the Netherlands, which is quite enjoyable.


The most enjoyable part of my job is the strategic nature of it. I get to conduct financial and market analyses, develop contracts, and propose energy solutions. In this role, I also assess where industries stand in terms of energy and water transition and identify potential challenges.

Moreover, I’m involved in our growth efforts, where we continually explore opportunities to expand into new markets.

Driven by making difference

Adven is an inspiring workplace because I’m driven by what I do here. I’m motivated by actively contributing to climate change mitigation. It makes me stand a bit taller and take pride in my work. Working with others who share the same passion, that provides me with energy.

A significant part of my work involves identifying potential industries we can collaborate with and invest in to make a difference. This work takes place at a somewhat higher, more theoretical level. Although I’m not the one turning the wrenches at our partner’s facilities, I’m part of the team that devises solutions contributing to the transformation.

Where we can add the most value is also where we will direct our resources. Being able to prioritize in this work is where I can truly make a difference.

The energy industry as the right path forward

After working in the energy industry for a little less than a year, I feel that I have much more to learn in this field and want to continue growing here. In the future, I would like to work further as a Sales Project Developer or Strategic Customer Manager, roles that also exist at Adven today.

One thing that has been beneficial for my career since starting here is the wealth of experience within the company. I can only compare it to some of my friends who began working at companies where the majority of employees were young.

I get to work with experienced professionals who know the energy industry by heart. Having the opportunity to learn from them as a newcomer feels incredibly valuable. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

Karl Asp
Junior Sales Developer