I manage new energy-as-a-service sales projects

2nd August 2023
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My name is Leo Toivonen, and I work as a Sales Manager at Adven.

Sales work at Adven requires good problem-solving skills. It’s important for salespeople to internalize the philosophy of solutions selling, because Adven applies a partnership approach to selling tailored energy service solutions to customers’ identified needs. The partnership model is also called Energy as a Service®.

The solutions involve investments of up to tens of millions of euros, so they must be carefully planned, with a crystal-clear picture of the customer’s need in mind. Solutions selling requires patience, as the development of major projects can take several years.

I could describe Adven’s salespeople as investment directors, with the sales process being largely about how Adven implements and finances the investments.

Big investments require discipline and perseverance. Since we invest in our customer companies’ business, it is important for the overall concept to have the approval of all parties involved. If catching big fish is what fires you up, this is the right place for you.

In long sales projects, every step forward is motivating!

From business consultancy to sales

Having studied energy technology at university, the sector, the market and Adven were all familiar to me.

I got to know the company better in my previous job as a business consultant in the energy sector. I enquired about open positions and ended up being hired by Adven, even though there were no vacancies at that time. My initiative was rewarded, and now I can look back on almost seven years at Adven.

I started as a project developer and in sales management support. I assisted sales managers in various computational, background and reporting tasks, while also actively participating in customer meetings. In less than a year, I was given more responsibility and was promoted to Sales Manager.

In my current role, I manage Adven’s various sales projects in Finland and abroad. My goal is to conclude new service agreements and build new partnerships.

What attracted me to Adven was the company’s boldness, aspiration to grow and confidence in the future.

A salesperson is a solution seeker

I work together with several stakeholder groups. I discuss the big picture and the strategy with our customer companies’ managing directors and board chairmen.

My discussions with production and plant managers often revolve around improving the plants’ daily performance and achieving the environmental and financial targets set for production.

Within Adven, I collaborate especially with concept development to find the best solution for each customer.



The best things about my job are continuous learning and unpredictability. My job also gives me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone – just as I like it. I always say yes when I’m offered the chance to speak in public, because then I always learn something new.

Adven as a company has outstanding growth prospects. It feels important to get to witness, from an excellent vantage point, how climate change challenges and energy issues are addressed for real.

Our salespeople, together with our customers, are at the forefront of creating energy solutions of tomorrow and, with that, more sustainable industrial production.