We are Adven’s Sales team

“Together with our customers, at the forefront of creating energy solutions of tomorrow, and contributing to the greater good.” 

Adven sells sustainable energy and water solutions as a service for industries and the real estate sector. There are not often ready-made solutions for customers’ challenges, so we build the solutions together with them, based on their specific situation. Our job is to find a value-creating solution for the customer with the help of the entire Adven organization.

Adven’s customer base is diverse, and the solutions can be applied across a wide array of industries and real-estate. The solutions involve investments often up to tens of millions of euros. The concept development in charge of technical concept works closely with us throughout the sales projects that typically last from one to several years. Solution selling requires patience and it takes a real team play to get the puzzle together.

Adven’s sales comprise sales directors, sales managers, and sales engineers. Sales engineers start with smaller cases and move on to more demanding ones. As experience builds up, the level of responsibility also increases. If catching big fish is what fires you up, this might the right team for you!

Adven is constantly looking for experts to join the sales team. Explore our open positions and tell about your competence and interests!

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