Thermal engineering specialist Jānis Bāliņš likes efficiency

29th February 2024
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My motivation comes from the desire to implement more efficient processes. I am Jānis Bāliņš and I work as a heat energy specialist in the Valmiera team. I am inspired to see how effectively we work – whether the processes and daily work that the technical personnel invest in improving, modernizing, and servicing equipment, are reflected in the production data later. If the team’s efforts are also visible numerically, it is a driving force to further improve processes and make them even more efficient.

The job at Adven helping in the journey of becoming an engineer

My career at Adven started at the same time as the company started operating in Latvia – I was one of the first employees to sign an employment contract with Adven Latvia in 2018. That summer I graduated as a car electrician from Priekuli Technical School and received an invitation to work for the heat network service team.

I began my work at the company as a new heat energy specialist, taking on the responsibility of overseeing boiler house processes and operations through the lens of efficiency, effectiveness, and heat energy production indicators.

My day-to-day responsibility is the fuel procurement process – from the time of development of procurement and evaluation of candidates to an efficiently concluded fuel supply contract and the first supply of fuel.

It could be said that through the thermal engineering specialist profession, I am growing as an engineer, as alongside my work at Adven I obtain a professional bachelor’s degree in Heat, Gas, and Water Technologies at Riga Technical University.

My work at Adven has not only helped me to explore various heat energy production processes and understand how through process improvement we can achieve better results, but it has also provided significant support on my way to an engineering degree.

Sharp mind, punctuality, patience – the three pillars of a heat energy specialist

While it’s true that everything can be learned, there are certain character traits necessary to make daily tasks seem easier. For example, my profession requires analytical thinking skills, patience, and composure in every situation, especially during emergencies. Day-to-day work in the team is also a good communication exercise – you often need to be able to find the right words and encouragement to motivate employees to work more efficiently and think about the long-term impact of their actions.

I am glad that punctuality and the ability to meet deadlines help me with the fuel procurement procedures – the more advantageous the contract is concluded, the lower tariff we can offer to the end consumer of thermal energy.

Physical activity as a respite from day-to-day work

Sometimes jokingly, I say that my hobby outside of work is studying at the university. Of course, that’s also a kind of obligation, but after an active workday, I prefer going to the gym or attending dance rehearsals. I’ve been dancing folk dances since elementary school, and it often has been a great way to maintain not only physical form but also to participate in Latvian cultural traditions.

In the picture: Jānis Bāliņš with Adven colleagues in Latvian National song and dance festival 

At Adven safety always comes first

Adven is characterized by several aspects, such as determination, growth, and sustainable decisions. However, primarily it provides a safe working environment, which, in my opinion, is one of the most crucial factors when working in this industry.

Moreover, Adven offers an excellent environment for the growth of young professionals – it’s no wonder that knowledgeable young specialists are educated and work here!

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