Concept development turns ideas into energy solutions

16th November 2023
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My name is Pinja Laaksonen, and I work in concept development as part of Industrial Energy Solutions team. If there is anything that has been the center of my whole working history, it is problem solving and solution development.

I have been working with global energy business and investment projects for over 9 years. My background is from various sales positions, but nevertheless I’m quite hands-on experienced with technical concept development as that has always been an integral part of my job description regardless of the job title.

Energy efficiency as the focal point

In my role, I develop sustainable and efficient energy solutions together with our customers and sales. The work is all about understanding and addressing the customer’s challenges and resource optimization.

Every energy concept can be different depending on case-specific needs and must take into consideration the long-term perspective as well as aligning sustainability with business goals. It requires a holistic approach which can make the work quite complex, but at the same time intriguing and rewarding. What can we do and how can we do it in the most optimized way?

I feel that in this field you can never become too knowledgeable, and the ongoing effort to improve is essential.

Reconsider, rethink, and redo – for a better tomorrow

If you have been following Adven, “we have to reconsider, rethink and redo” surely sounds a familiar statement. It also summarizes what attracted me to the company as I strongly relate to the objectives it mirrors.

There is a huge need to advocate for sustainable solutions and resource efficiency. I find Adven’s guiding principles of long-term view, sustainable impact and outperforming together deeply meaningful, and most importantly, the company not only advocates but takes responsibility for making these things happen. There is no difficulty keeping the work batteries charged when you are given an opportunity to contribute to such a mission.

The best part of my job is the opportunity to see ideas turning into technical solutions and further into tangible actions for a better tomorrow. I enjoy being part of a highly skilled team and working with others to achieve the best results.

We have a very supportive and collaborative environment, and I get to work alongside people who are passionate about their work and absolute experts in their respective fields.