Ngoc Nguyen visualizes energy data

28th February 2023
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I turn huge datasets we gather year-round into easy-to-understand visuals. I help solve environmental issues with technology – like I have always wanted. I am Ngoc Nguyen and I visualize data to keep energy plants running efficiently.

I started at Adven as a Concept Trainee in early 2021, soon became a full-time Energy Data Engineer, and in 2022 joined the geo energy team as an Energy Engineer. Adven provides me great opportunities for learning and growth.

Turning data into visuals

Both as a data engineer and now energy engineer, I work with data, just with a different perspective. Earlier, I managed data for invoicing and reporting purposes and now the data I process will help operate Adven plants in an optimal way and ensure that our customers get the energy they need.

The data collected from the power plants shows how the plants operate and if there is anything unusual going on. My job is to turn this data into visuals that are easy to understand.

There are measurements every hour, and their results are compiled. A typical energy data Excel file can have up to 80,000 rows of numbers, but unfortunately, numbers as such do not say much. When you visualize them, you can see the relations between different variables and understand their impact. This is something I am very interested in.



To be able to do my job, I need to learn how each Adven plant is built, how measurements are made, and what the customer needs. Luckily, my team as well as the O&M team are only too happy to help me.

Adventure and sustainability

I came to Finland wanting an adventure and a completely different environment to my homeland Vietnam.

In Vietnam, all we know about Finland is Santa Claus, but we have a strong environmental engineering link to the country. We have a very well-known and symbolic water project called “Finnish Clean Water’’ (Nuoc Sach Phan Lan). Funded by the Finnish government in the 80s, a modern clean water plant was installed in the capital city of Hanoi.

This really helped accelerate the development of clean water access in the country and there is even a street named after this project! You can check it yourself: Đ. Nước Phần Lan – Google Maps.

I wanted to visit this country and learn about what they do with the environment, as I have always wanted to study something related to the environment and sustainability.


In 2014, I came to study Environmental Engineering at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. This allowed me to study environmental issues from a technical perspective and had the combination of mathematics, chemistry, and physics that I always wanted.

Having graduated in 2019, I attended an integration training organised by the Employment and Economic Development Office to integrate people of other nationalities to the Finnish society. Its trainee period brought me to Adven.

Making a career within one employer

For me, it is really important to be involved in the society I live in and contribute to it.

I am proud that I can make a career without changing my employer. If you really want to grow, the supervisors always welcome your ideas. After our merger with former Värmevärden, there are even more growth opportunities here within the company.



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