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21st March 2024
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This year’s spring scholarship competition of TalTech University, Estonia, is ongoing and Adven Estonia is once again awarding a scholarship to an excellent student in the field of energy engineering. Here follows an interview that was given by Juhan Aguraiuja, Head of Baltics Business to TalTech Development Fund, who is the leading organizer of the scholarship competition.

Juhan, you have graduated in thermal energy engineering and currently work in the field. How do you see the opportunities for a young ambitious student in this field today?

One of the biggest challenges on our planet in this century is the energy transition, i.e., the shift from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuels. Reducing environmental impact is a huge task, and we must bear in mind that energy has the greatest impact on the environment. Energy engineers and specialists who create processes and solutions play a very important role in this field. We could even say it’s a mission. This is a growing and evolving field, and there is a great need for new and knowledgeable professionals.

Adven is giving out a scholarship in 2024. What is the broader goal of this scholarship?

We established this scholarship with the aim of promoting the thermal energy engineering field and inspiring young people to study it. It is a promising field as energy plays an increasingly significant role in today’s world. Last year, we awarded the scholarship for the first time and as a result, we welcomed a very capable young individual who successfully completed an internship with us. We believe that through the scholarship, thermal energy engineering will receive more attention, and we can highlight the importance of energy as a future profession.

What kind of students are you expecting to apply for the scholarship? What are the future collaboration opportunities with Adven?

We welcome students with an active lifestyle and a passion for the field, aiming to become top professionals in the industry. We engage in continuous cooperation with students, including co-supervising theses, offering internship opportunities, and the chance to shadow professionals at work. Additionally, if suitable positions are available, we provide opportunities for part-time work.

As an open-minded company, we are also willing to discuss other innovative forms of collaboration.

The first Adven Sustainable Energy scholarship was granted at the end of May 2023.

In the picture: Head of Production and Distribution Vladislav Mašatin, student Romi Viskar receiving the Adven scholarship and Ivi Aluoja, Adven’s HR Director, Baltics.

What advice do you give to candidates when putting together their application documents? What should they pay attention to?

In the motivation letter, I recommend highlighting one’s uniqueness. Emphasizing hobbies, interesting personal details, or presenting a compelling vision for the future can add value and showcase the applicant’s perspective from a fresh angle. A good engineer is a creative individual, so I encourage creative thinking and the generation of new and exciting ideas.

Another suggestion is to embrace interdisciplinary studies – engage in various activities. Diverse knowledge across different fields adds value to core activities in the main field. Narrow engineering knowledge can sometimes be too limiting.

And for those who don’t receive the scholarship, any advice for them?

For those who don’t receive the scholarship, I still suggest reaching out to us. The tangible receipt of the scholarship shouldn’t be seen as the only benefit. I recommend introducing oneself regardless because there’s always a possibility that it could lead to future collaboration.

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