Cooperation brings generations together to focus on energy

15th May 2023
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Since 2021, Adven has cooperated with Enerhack and given lectures to engineers about ongoing energy projects. A focus area has also been educating school students, especially girls, about the energy field in general.

Enerhack is an Estonian organization that educates people starting from the youngest about the importance of energy and the most effective methods to optimize and produce clean energy. The organization provides students with recognized certificates upon the successful completion of comprehensive courses.

Igor Krupenski, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Enerhack project is happy with the cooperation:

–From the beginning of the Enerhack project (in 2021) the cooperation between Enerhack and Adven appears to be a positive development for the education of the younger generation in the energy field. With Adven’s support as a sponsor, Enerhack can expand its educational programs and reach a wider audience, potentially inspiring more young people to pursue careers in the energy sector. This collaboration could ultimately benefit both parties, as well as the broader energy industry.

Achieving energy-awareness together

Enerhack’s goal is to provide knowledge and essential skills regarding the entire chain of execution of the course to the extent that after successfully finishing the course, participants will have the essential requirements and may start using their knowledge to earn profit while molding a brighter future.

Since the cooperation started, Adven and Enerhack are together making difference by:

  • Engaging future engineers by organizing engineer camps and training for children to give wider knowledge and raise interest about the energy profession and field.
  • Sharing knowledge from engineer to engineer in the field.
  • Creating a valuable network that binds people together by sharing valuable information that leads them forward.

– As we consider long-term perspective in all our actions, it is important to spread our wide knowledge and experience – to groom future generations of engineers empowered to make a difference in the world of change. Our cooperation with Enerhack gives a good platform for that, says Ivi Aluoja, HR Director, Adven Baltics, about the cooperation.

Bringing more female engineers to the field

According to International Energy Agency, women only account for 16% of the traditional energy sector. The goal is to increase that number.

An example of how to make a change was when Adven’s engineers Nataliia Rosenberg and Irina Starõh were invited to give a lecture at Enerhack Camp in TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology. The camp was organized for girls aged 7-18 and its main goal was to bring the knowledge of energy and engineering closer to young females.


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Photos: Leo Muiste for Enerhack