From a thesis worker to a concept team multi-talent

27th March 2024
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My name is Panu Siirtola and I work as a Concept Designer at Adven.

Adven caught my eye in the final phase of my masters studies in energy engineering. At the Energy Fair in 2018 we discussed the possibilities of joining the company to do the master’s thesis.

Often, the easiest way to get a thesis job would be through summer vacancy, which also allows you to iterate your ideas for the thesis work. How ever I met the company representatives in a follow-up meeting and the idea of the thesis started to develop. As a result, I started to do research on energy optimization of closed water cycles. Thanks to a successful thesis work, I was hired as concept development engineer.

Now five years later, I have strengthened my expertise widely in various development projects of heating plants. I have also participated in studying biogas production, water treatment, evaporation processes, as well as geothermal wells and solar power plants.

During the last two years now, I have mainly focused on the electrification of heating plants, where the focus has especially been on projects where the energy can be recovered as efficiently as possible by utilizing pumps and compressors as well as heat storage.

In addition, I have had several electric boiler projects to handle, latest of which is the 12 MW electric steam boiler that will serve Valio Haapavesi factory in the future. In this project, I have also been able to develop my project management skills by supporting in the project implementation.

Adven has been an interesting employer thanks to its service-based business model, where the best solution for each project is sought from the market. Each project offers a unique challenge for finding the best energy solution with customers, equipment suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Thanks to the Energy as a service model, you can also follow your own plans coming alive, and witness the positive climate effects of your own work as the energy production changes in a greener direction.

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