Carbon neutrality increases existing property value

20th February 2024
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Not only new buildings can hold a low climate impact. Most of Adven´s geoenergy customers in the Nordic countries have switched energy solution for their already existing commercial building to improve energy efficiency, lower CO2, and reduce operational costs. The cherry on top is the fact that a more sustainable solution often is a way to make the building more attractive.

Targeting carbon neutrality for existing buildings is not only a way to significantly lower the climate impact of the building. It can also be a way to lower the operational costs while increasing the property’s value. The energy solution is usually one of the bigger costs for a real estate owner, but also something that largely impacts the environment. Today, property heating stands for about one-third of the global CO2 emissions, making the property´s energy solution an important choice.

Year to date, both Sweden and Finland have committed to targets to lower CO2 emissions, set by directives driven by the EU. Sweden will become fossil free in electricity generation by 2040, and Finland, instead, updated their Climate Change Act in July 2022 with a legal obligation to reach climate neutrality already 2035. The political decisions put pressure on companies, accelerating the switch to sustainable energy solutions.

For decades, Adven has worked with geoenergy, partnering with customers to build solutions based on geothermal heating and cooling, combined with everything from solar energy to excessive heat recovery.

Transition made possible

Many of Adven´s geoenergy solutions are built in partnership with customers that wanted to switch to carbon neutral energy, as part of their sustainability roadmap. Some examples of existing customer buildings where Adven has helped in the transition are Skanssi shopping centre, Ilmalanrinne office complex, hotel Vanajanlinna, and Hemsö rental property. In all examples, the transition reduced the climate impact, and financial competitiveness was achieved, simply by reducing the energy related yearly costs with a new, more sustainable energy solution.


Guided by energy needs

As an external partner, Adven is not technology dependent and can therefore pick and tailor the economically and environmentally most feasible solution for every specific customer case. When planning a project, the first thing Adven looks at is the energy need and the possibilities to decrease the use of fossil fuels, the energy consumption, the CO2 levels, or simply lower the climate impact. In some cases, geoenergy drilling is made in cramped areas, on a small land lot, or even in some cases in the garage. These complicated adaptions are something the company has over 20 years of experience in.

“Our expertise lies in also complex installations and operations, making transition happen” emphasizes Jarmo Maunu, Sales Director at Adven, underscoring the company’s competence in handling complex projects.

Adven’s Jarmo Maunu means the switch to a more sustainable solution for the real estate often is a way of making the building more attractive. This is true when it comes to increase the value of the building for tenants and owners, while achieving energy targets and green building ratings. When the potential for further energy efficiency improvements of the building is overseen, it can result in additional energy cost savings. Oftentimes, the switch to lower carbon emitting solutions means the climate and the business wins at the same time.

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