Has your company already joined the Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment? This is how Adven can help

26th October 2022
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At the current rate of carbon dioxide emissions, the climate will warm up by two degrees Celsius by 2035. As buildings account for about one-third of global CO2 emissions, with most of these emissions caused by property heating, it is essential to influence their energy use and energy efficiency. The Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment of the World GBC challenges construction and real estate companies to pursue the use of carbon-neutral energy. Adven helps both new and existing buildings to achieve their energy targets.

The global Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment challenges construction and real estate companies and cities to set a goal of carbon-neutral energy use in real estate by 2030. Adven provides sustainable energy solutions and helps its customers in this effort.

“We offer optimised carbon-neutral heating and cooling solutions for both new and existing properties. We have methods by which the Net Zero Carbon Buildings goals can be achieved,” vows Jarmo Maunu, Adven’s Sales Director.

Carbon neutrality for new and existing properties

Adven is involved in new constructions already at the property design stage. Together with the constructor and other actors, a carbon-neutral solution is tailored for the property in question. Energy production can, for instance, consist of a combination of geoenergy, solar panels and heat pumps.

After the design stage, Adven builds an energy centre at the property and acts as a long-term energy partner. The partnership can last throughout the building’s life cycle. Adven also helps existing properties convert their energy use to a carbon-neutral form.

“We invest in the energy solution, operate energy production and produce heating and, if necessary, cooling for the building. This is a carefree and cost-effective solution for the customer, who is only paying for used energy. The operation, maintenance and development of the energy centre belong to us,” says Maunu.

Adven has implemented carbon-neutral energy solutions, for instance, for shopping centres. In addition, as part of the energy solution, the efficiency of energy production in shopping centres has been improved by utilising condensate heat from cold and freezer basins in grocery stores.

Real estate players have a major responsibility

Adven has been helping numerous large properties with their energy solutions in both Finland and Sweden.

“As buildings account for up to one-third of carbon dioxide emissions, we as real estate operators have a major responsibility. It is our duty to set in an example that carbon neutrality is possible and climate change can be curbed,” says Maunu.

He hints that more and more property owners are already thinking about this from the perspective of their customers, such as tenants, for whom carbon neutrality can be a crucial issue.

“The goals are big, but the means exist. We want to be a responsible partner throughout the life cycle of the property and ensure that goals can be met.”

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment is backed by international actors in the field of emission reductions: C40 Network, World Green Building Council and The Climate Group. More about the commitment.


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