Office building in Helsinki switches to geoenergy

25th September 2023
News Large properties

One of Ilmala district’s landmarks in Helsinki, Finland, is the office building Ilmalanrinne 1 located along the Hakamäki roadway. Soon, it will be heated and cooled with geoenergy, i.e. geothermal energy. With the new solution, the energy solution of the entire property will be completely carbon neutral.

The geoenergy solution is implemented by Adven’s Energy as a Service® partnership model.

The annual energy requirement of the Ilmalanrinne property is approximately 3 GWh. The new solution will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 460 tonnes per year, which corresponds to the annual emissions of approximately 166 passenger cars. At the same time, the solution will reduce the property’s energy costs.

The property is managed by CBRE and leased by companies like Sweco, Uponor and Netox.

54 geowells underneath the building

The implementation of the solution is very exceptional, because due to the cramped plot of the property, geoenergy recovery and storage takes place mainly underneath the property. Most of the 54 geowells will be drilled under the property in the parking garage.

Geoenergy covers approximately 98 per cent of the property’s energy needs. There is an electric boiler for power peaks, i.e. exceptionally cold weather.

Adven delivers energy as a comprehensive service, i.e. the company is responsible for the construction of the new energy center and the maintenance and servicing of the plant. The new geoenergy solution will be introduced in spring 2024.

Adven helps large properties to make their energy solutions completely carbon neutral. Customers include, for example, shopping centers, business, and office premises as well as logistics centers.

– For example, in real estate investments, certification of properties is common, which in turn requires carbon-neutral energy production. We are a responsible partner throughout the property’s life cycle and help achieve the goals related to energy responsibility, says Jarmo Maunu, Sales Director at Adven.

CBRE appreciated the sustainability, energy cost savings and ease of use of Adven’s solution. In the future, we will only pay for transparently priced heat and cooling, which makes budgeting easy. Everything else will remain with Adven, such as the operation and maintenance of the energy center.

Federico Waltari
Director Property Operations at CBRE