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12th February 2024
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Geoenergy, geothermal energy, geoheat – a beloved child has many names. Geoenergy is a heating system powered by heat pumps that utilizes heat energy stored in the bedrock. Energy can be utilized when an energy well, a geowell, is drilled in the ground, the depth of which normally varies between 100–350 meters. In Adven’s geoenergy sites, wells are usually about 400 meters deep.

A pipe is immersed in the geowell, along which the heat recovery fluid passes. It most often consists of a mixture of water and ethanol. In collector pipes, the liquid heats up from the heat of the bedrock and thus geothermal heat, i.e. geoheat, is obtained from geowells.

In order to get the heat recovery fluid flowing, circulation pumps are needed. The heat recovery fluid travels from the ground circuit to the heat pump’s evaporator where it releases the heat it collects. From there, the liquid returns to the ground circuit to warm up again.

Circulation continues year after year

Inside the heat pump happens. Heat is transferred via an evaporator to the refrigerant, which heats up and gasifies under the influence of the process. From the evaporator, the refrigerant continues its journey to the compressor, which further increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.

From the compressor, the refrigerant continues its journey to the condenser, where it releases its heat to the building’s heat distribution system. At the same time, the substance condenses back into liquid form and returns to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and the geothermal heat collection cycle starts all over again.

The circulation of heat recovery fluid in the ground circuit continues year after year.

Energy-efficient heating method

Geothermal heat pumps that enable geoenergy use electricity to transfer heat to the compression stage made by the compressor. However, pumps produce a larger amount of heat than the electrical energy they consume, this is usually about 3-5 times the amount depending on the condensate temperature produced and the temperature of the collector fluid.

Geoenergy is an energy-efficient heating method, as due to its large mass, the bedrock remains at a constant temperature all year round. Geoenergy is also counted as a renewable energy source, which increases its attractiveness as a form of heating properties.

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