December 22, 2020

The top articles and stories of 2020 – Latest methods of efficient and sustainable energy production as the main theme

The topics on sustainable development drew interest this year as well. Our most-read articles and stories open up ways to utilize new technologies, different approaches to the circular economy and how to achieve carbon neutrality in energy production.

Some great examples of the circular economy

In the future, Siilinjärvi municipality will use even more industrial excess heat in heating of houses and buildings. This is a big step towards carbon neutrality nationwide, as reportedly excess heat generated in industrial processes has never been utilized anywhere in Finland on such a large scale. How is excess heat generated and converted into electricity and district heating?

In Hanko, Finland, Adven will implement a biogas plant, which will significantly reinforce the circular economy of the area. Exactly how is biogas produced from nitrogen-rich biomass?

Concrete cases on significant reductions of CO2 emissions

Food production company Raisio is making additional investments in its Nokia mill, which currently emits about 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. With the new heating plant, emissions will drop to virtually zero. How does the mill become carbon neutral?

Terrafame and Adven have worked together to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of Terrafame’s heat production by almost 9,000 tonnes. In practice, a drop of more than 90% in emissions is expected to be reflected in 2021. Which different measures will ensure the reduction of emissions?

New comprehensive openings and opportunities

Ovostar Union Group company GALLUSMAN and Adven are partnering-up in a 100 million euros investment project for establishing a modern egg production plant in Latvia. The new plant will utilize waste streams in order to minimize potential environmental impact. In what way will the project positively contribute to the Latvian economy?

Anders Ericsson has been appointed CEO for the combined Adven/Värmevärden Group. The decision is an important milestone in the work of creating a new leading energy company in the Nordics and Baltics. Read the release.

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