Driven by sustainability

Making difference in a world of change is our purpose. We are all in the middle of a huge energy transition, living in a world where we have to reconsider, rethink and redo.

At Adven we are working with these questions every day, developing sustainable and efficient solutions for companies and societies.

We strive for large-scale sustainable impact. It shows not only in the solutions we build and run together with our customers, but in the way we lead and develop our people and business.

Sustainability is at our core, paving the way for a better tomorrow for the next generations.

Adven & The Environment

For us, sustainability means solutions that improve energy, water and material efficiency.

We strive to develop ways of utilizing renewable and recycled energy sources and invest in making their use more efficient.

We take care to protect the natural environment surrounding us by preventing harmful pollution in our everyday operations.

Adven & Safety

Ensuring safety at work is vital for us. We want all our own personnel, contractors, and our guests to be able to return home safe and healthy. We have set common targets to ensure continuous improvement in health and safety and to track our performance.

We are following both proactive and reactive health and safety KPIs to keep on top of our progress. We work with continuous improvements to ensure a safe workplace and safe work methods to avoid any injuries or harm to health. The risks of our work methods and work environment are evaluated, and risks are effectively acted upon.

We encourage people to think about their own and other people’s safety and the risks related to their work and make the right choices of work methods, equipment used, personal protective equipment, and other risk control methods applied. Since many years we have encouraged our personnel to actively report safety observations and improvement ideas. These activities lead to an impressive number of effective safety improvement actions and have a very positive effect on the organization’s safety culture.

Quality, safety and environment

Quality, safety and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in all our operations. Our operations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia are certified by a number of ISO and local certificates.

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