Our strategy for sustainable growth

Making difference in a world of change

Renewable energy and resource efficiency is not just our way forward, it is a growing demand from society.

Climate change is no longer disputed and the need for sustainable solutions is crucial and encouraged in national and EU regulation, bringing incentives for companies to act.

Consequently, the transition to sustainability is speeding up. The war in Ukraine has escalated the need for change to a new level and drastic actions are urgent in most of our markets.

Add changing consumer behaviors and expectations, forcing companies to improve their products and processes, and we see a growing market for our expertise and offering. Partnering with our customers in their strategies to sustainable growth.

The world is facing major challenges and we are an important part of the solution, not only because of long and solid experience within our field, but also by working closely with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Anders Ericsson
CEO Adven Group

We are to…

1. Create resource efficient solutions and partnerships

We don’t sell products, we create partnerships. There is an obvious link between more efficient solutions and more use of partnerships, where the partnerships are the starting point.

3. Offer competitive solutions

A sustainable solution needs to be commercially competitive to be relevant. That’s the only way to make big long-term impact.

4. Contribute to the society in its path to sustainability

We are an infra structure company and our stakeholders are not just our customers and the owners. For us it’s extremely important that we have a license to operate: Our solutions support the society ‘s path towards a sustainable future.

1. Create resource efficient solutions and partnerships

– Limit the use of energy as far as possible
– Engage customers and suppliers in the solutions

When we work together, we can ensure that energy is used in the right way and isn’t wasted. We support our customers to save energy and we actively collaborate with local actors for example neighboring industry, to make use of resources in the form of residual heat – excess heat that otherwise goes to waste. In these collaborations we can also create value from different kind of by-products like sawmill residues and municipal waste.

How we “walk-the-talk”

2. Use renewable & recycled energy sources

– All new solutions to be ready for renewable and recycled fuels
– We recognize the need for transitional fuels, and identify ways to limit their use

We live in a world where everyone in society; people, businesses, and municipalities, need to reconsider, rethink and re-do. Everyone needs to do their part and one of the keys lies in the energy usage. We see ourselves as an important player driving the transition towards the usage of renewable and recycled energy sources. We do this by developing sustainable solutions in partnership with our customers, municipalities, and suppliers, as well converting our own plants to becoming more flexible for a future fuel mix. This we need to do in steps, sometimes the step is big and sometimes it is small. The important thing is that they are in the right direction, increasing the sustainable impact.

How we “walk-the-talk”

In Sweden, we are enabling the papermill Arctic Paper in Munkedal to convert their steam production, based on natural gas, to the use of recycled fuels. Resulting in a decarbonization of 30 000 CO2 t/a.

Valio has been buying energy as a service from Adven for many years. Today we supply 8 dairies across Finland with energy and we are continuously supporting them in the transition from fossil fuel to renewables.

3. Offer competitive solutions

– A sustainable solution needs to be commercially competitive to be relevant

Our solution needs to be commercially competitive to be sustainable, long-term and secure. Therefore, it is important for us to constantly develop our offer, our solutions and ourselves to stay better than the options. Guided by our internal principles long-term view, sustainable impact and outperforming together we make sure that we stay competitive both today and in the future.

How we “walk-the-talk”

Our size, competence and geographical spread enables us to be more effective as an organization. Through economies of scale in for example procurement we can stay competitive which in the long run also benefits our customers.

Our unique Energy as a Service® model, where we invest in and develop, build, operate, maintain and improve our plants and solutions, gives our customers a competitive advantage. It also enables them to focus on their business.

4. Contribute to the society in its path to sustainability

– Our solutions support the society´s path towards a sustainable future

To earn the license to operate we build strong relationships and strive to meet with the societies expectations of us as a supplier of critical services, and as a forerunner in sustainable development.

How we “walk-the-talk”

By continuously develop our offering, making sure it is attractive, reliable, and stable we contribute to society by delivering a critical service in a sustainable way.

Nothing goes to waste! One of the advantages of district heating is that we can help society to dispose waste material in a safe way which detoxifies the society at the same time as we are creating energy and avoiding landfill.

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