September 16, 2021

Summer jobs at Adven: wide spectrum of tasks with high standards

Diverse work and easy-going atmosphere make Adven an attractive option for summer employees. 

Fredrik Kuokkanen and Saku Seluska are both last-year students, on their way to becoming Master of Science in engineering. In the summer of 2021, both worked in the maintenance of Adven’s energy plants; Fredrik in Western Finland and Saku in Northern Finland.

“You could say I was a jack of all trades, doing anything that was needed,” Saku smiles. “But that’s what I like. I’m a very practical person, so I enjoyed the opportunity to work on the machinery.”

In addition to the maintenance work, Saku gathered inventory information of the electric motors in the plants in Northern Finland. Fredrik was also involved in planning how the 5S principles could be promoted even further, resulting in clean, uncluttered, safe, and well-organized plants to help reduce waste and optimize productivity.

“I have had diverse tasks that helped me to get a good understanding of the energy production processes and practices. For me, my studies have been useful in this job, and vice versa the job will help in my studies,” says Fredrik.

For his studies of mechanical engineering, Saku believes it is always useful to gain experience from a wide range of jobs, and to get a better picture of what to focus on after graduation. At Adven, he has learned a lot about energy plants and their processes as well as how energy can be provided as a service.

The team always sets the bar high

Neither Fredrik nor Saku were first timers; Fredrik worked for Adven in the summer of 2020 and Saku in 2019. Saku got a tip of summer openings from a person working at Adven. As a student of energy engineering, Fredrik knew about the company in general and applied through the website.

“I had an impression of Adven that the company wants to grow and operate responsibly in every way. That was one of the things that I found attractive, and the impression has proven right,” Fredrik says.

Both men thank Adven’s good working atmosphere and the people who are easy going and accessible.

“Even though I’m easily the youngest member in the team, we all get along really well. And you never need to wonder if you can call or e-mail your manager or HR – they are always there for you,” Saku points out.

Fredrik also likes that the team always sets the bar high and wants to do the work efficiently, to a high standard.

If you are interested in a summer job at Adven, Fredrik and Saku encourage you to keep an open mind and apply for jobs that may seem a bit out of your area. Any and every work experience can help you narrow down the scope of what you want to do in the future.

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