January 11, 2022

Our five most popular content items in 2021 – focus on energy efficiency and our journey

In 2021 our website visitors were most interested in expert tips about heat recovery and circular economy solutions, as well as our expansion in Latvia, and journey in Sweden.

Our most read content in 2021 was an article where Adven’s experts listed the most common options for recovering heat from industrial processes and their suitability for different purposes. The listing contains three of the most common ways which are: heat recovery with heat exchangers, energy-efficient MVR-evaporation, and the use of heat pumps.

The second most read content was a news article from October 2021 about our expansion in Latvia. Adven and Wesemann agreed on a business transaction where Adven acquired the district heating assets and operations from Wesemann in the Sigulda region in Latvia. Before this acquisition, Adven has provided district heating services in Latvia in Cēsis and Valmiera municipalities.

From a local startup into an energy group in five years – our journey in Sweden was the third most read article in year 2021. The article talks about Adven entering the Swedish market in 2014 as a small company with four employees offering geoenergy solutions. Today, we have grown as a full-scope service provider of sustainable energy and water solutions in the country. And the story continues as we are currently integrating our businesses and operations with Värmevärden.

Circular economy solutions minimize waste and create savings

Almost all industries produce side streams – raw materials, energy and chemicals – that go to waste after the manufacturing process. Today, these side streams can be harnessed for reuse or even processed further as new commodities with business value. The article about circular economy minimizing waste and providing savings and revenue from side streams, was the fourth most read article in 2021.

Adven plans solutions to boost energy and water processes, without any of the limits imposed by technology, equipment, or fuel choices. The concept development of circular economy solutions is an interesting process, but how does the planning process for a closed-cycle recovery solution proceed from design to implementation? This question was answered in the fifth most read article on Adven’s website.

Top 5 content items in 2021

Revisit the five most read articles:

  1. Expert tips: three of the most common ways to recover heat from industrial processes

  2. Adven expands its operations in Latvia and acquires district heating assets and operations from Wesemann in the Sigulda region

  3. Adven Sweden – from local startup into energy group in five years

  4. The circular economy minimises waste – savings and revenue from side streams

  5. Concept development of circular economy solutions: how does the process go?
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