August 27, 2018

New and innovative energy solutions for major food industry players

Adven offers innovative energy solutions to food industry players in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Partnership with us gives clients the opportunity to focus entirely on their core business. Professional eyes can spot areas in need of development and provide insight into how energy solutions can be developed further.

Energy production in the food industry was for many years based on the use of fossil fuels. In recent years, however, major changes and investments have taken place. The energy solutions employed in the food industry now meet the requirements of sustainable development, and renewable, domestic fuels are used extensively in the industry’s energy production.

Today, Adven provides its food industry customers with heating and cooling solutions in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. We think it’s even safe to say that we are the leading producer of cooling energy, as we have been implementing cooling solutions for industry for nearly two decades. Over the years, we have realized even highly demanding hybrid solutions involving a combination of different forms of energy production in a manner that is cost-effective for customers.

Planning of energy solutions with no technological or fuel commitments

The starting point for planning is based on an exhaustive understanding of the customer’s situation, discovering new possibilities and having the freedom to optimize the solutions that are best suited to the customer without having to commit to a specific technology or fuel.

We always thoroughly analyze both the demands the customer’s production sets on energy production and the opportunities it presents. Detailed measuring and planning of the energy solution is carried out based on this analysis. Implementation is built in terms of capacity and characteristics to meet the individual needs of each site.

We also make our fuel choices based on location. Our solutions always strive to use locally sourced, cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuels.

Flexible collaboration takes energy solutions forward

We are an energy partner to both larger and mid-sized operators within the food industry. Our customers value being able to focus on their core business thanks to partnership with an energy industry professional such as Adven. We assume responsibility for the entire energy supply chain, from planning and implementation to operating and maintaining the facility, not to mention monitoring and development.

We cooperate closely and continuously with our customers. We always plan an operating model for monitoring and developing the collaboration together with the customer. Regular cooperation meetings are held in order to keep track of the overall operation and to identify useful solutions that could also be applied in the customer’s other factories.

We know that especially in the food industry, the operating and production requirements for factories change constantly. In our long-standing customer relationships, we are willing and prepared to develop the energy solutions we offer to optimally meet the requirements of the customer’s operations.

The writer, Heikki Aarrejoki, is Adven’s Account Management Director. He is closely involved in developing energy solutions used by the food industry.

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