Health and Safety policy


Health and safety are extremely important to everyone and a part of every operation at Adven. Without question, it is every employee’s and manager’s responsibility at all levels.

We are all responsible for our own safety and the safety of our colleagues and everyone else at the workplace. Legislation sets the minimum standard, but we aim to perform better. We are all responsible for making sure that all safety regulations are followed.

To achieve our goal of zero work related accidents we need to commit ourselves in systematic safety work in a continuous manner. We are all responsible for following instructions, paying attention to everyone’s safety at workplace and actively raising any safety concerns and doing safety proposals. Everyone must join in promoting health and safety and taking every reasonable measure to assure safe working conditions in the company.

Our safety principles

  • We always comply with legislation, Adven’s and our customers’ safety rules and instructions
  • We give safety training to our personnel
  • We observe and report hazardous conditions and unsafe acts. We evaluate risks of our work methods and work environment. Risks are acted upon and improvement needs are identified to plan improvement actions
  • We actively report and investigate all accidents, incidents and near misses to identify improvement needs. We also learn from our mistakes
  • We have a zero tolerance for working under the influence of alcohol or drugs We encourage our personnel to discuss safety and to do safety proposals
  • Safety matters are regularly discussed at management team meetings and other meetings throughout the organization
  • All contractors and subcontractors working at Adven’s premises are required to commit to Adven’s safety principles and rules.

This policy covers all Adven Group facilities and business units and is reviewed annually by the management. This policy is communicated to all employees and third parties.